We installed a Home Depot cast iron sink in our Farmhouse and….

We love it!

Hey…I am Brandy NicCole (Plumber’s wife) and I am going to start popping in on this Charlotte plumbing blog for home plumbing ideas and DIY plumbing projects that you can do yourself.  There will still be the post about plumbing problems that you’ll need a professional plumber for, but I thought, “let’s get a little more personal with our clients” and teach you guys how to handle small plumbing jobs 🙂 Y’all in for getting your hands dirty? I thought so!

lady standing in laundry room

A bit of a back story here……we sold the home that our children grew up in and built a smaller modern farmhouse just outside of Charlotte NC. We are moved in finally and are glad to be settling our roots into new soil. It’s cozy being in a smaller home with less inside to do. However, we have found ourselves doing a lot of things outside. We have been planting fruit trees and establishing a vegetable garden and they have left us with loads of laundry, which leads me to tell you about the laundry wall mount sink we installed while our home was being built.

I purchased a Kohler Brock wall mount cast iron sink from Home Depot long before the house was completed. The sink and faucets sat in the garage for months because  I was set on having this particular sink along with the double  Kohler faucets. Tongue in cheek, I blame Pinterest and DIY projects for this whole laundry room idea:) Dang it, Chip and Joanna @Fixer Upper  for making me love that farmhouse look:)…… No, really the sink adds to the modern farmhouse charm and the vintage feel to our home. Not to mention it has been very functional for soaking those dirty plumbing clothes.

So before I get ahead of myself…..after months of building and once the sink was hung, true to form I decided the wall needed shiplap behind the sink. The large sink needed a more substantial “look” than just sheetrock behind it. So the sink needed to be removed, hubs was thrilled about that. (Thanks honey. xoxo.) After getting the sink off the wall and extending the water lines to account for the thickness of the shiplap we were ready to hang it ……..AGAIN 🙂

Charlotte plumber working on sink install-aaa city plumbing

Sweet hubby hard at work extending those water lines. His motto, “Happy wife Happy Life”

*Let me insert a thought here that doesn’t show in these photos. We did have extra support added behind the sheetrock to account for the weight of the sink. Otherwise it may fall. (Safety first.) I think just looking at it from the image below you can see it needed that shiplap. Y’all know it needed that shiplap…..I even like the sound of the word shiplap….. say it with me…SHHiiiiiP LLLAAAAp….

Kohler black and white cast iron sinkOk back on task, Brandy……..The nickel gap shiplap took about 2.5 hrs to install. (We had that done for us.) You can purchase the wood product at Home Depot and I do believe they will cut it for you so the hard work is done. Check this video out for instruction on a DIY shiplap.

Home Depot ceramic flooring

The Madeira Bianco flooring is a Home Depot ceramic tile laid in herringbone pattern. This may be another favorite of mine. The tile is gorgeous alone but laid in this pattern it just adds a extra something. When I was picking out this tile I was concerned that the ceramic tile that looked like faux wood may be a bit strange laid directly up to the actual hardwood floor. That brought me to the idea of a pattern design for the install. I am pretty thrilled with the entire laundry room. Dirty plumbing uniforms won’t be as bad to launder now 🙂

Kohler cast iron laundry sink -black and white


I wanted to take a minute and talk about this sink bling, yes there is a such thing as sink bling, faucets are to a home what jewelry is to a woman, I mean they made the entire sink sing to my farmhouse soul. When it comes to plumbing faucets anywhere in your home choose a gorgeous style. While building our home we did work off a budget and some things were less important than others to me, BUT the faucets were not one of those. From my point of view, I want the look, my professional plumber husband wants function and quality. Trust me just don’t skimp on the faucets. Hub’s top choices for faucets are Kohler and Moen.

Kohler faucets-AAA City PlumbingIt’s been really fun jumping in and sharing our laundry room ideas with y’all. I am excited to spend more time here with you guys sharing DIY Plumbing tips. If you interested in seeing more plumbing ideas for your home visit us at Houzz.   ~Brandy “Plumber’s Wife”

Just a few other mentions:



The metal rack above the wash sink is from Magnolia Homes

The paint is Sherwin Williams Mindful Grey

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