Have you ever had that slow drain in your bathroom that frustrates you to all end? What about that slow drip under the sink in the kitchen? How about not enough water pressure or too much water pressure? These are things that plumbers in Rock Hill, SC deal with on a regular basis. There are many different things that plumbers do every day and if you ask them what their typical day is like, you will get very different answers from just about every single one of them. Everyone has plumbing problems or some kind of plumbing need and they all have them at different times. This makes for regular work to keep you busy and on your toes. There is never a shortage of people having problems with their plumbing, and AAA City Plumbing has seen it all and done it all. There aren’t very many situations we haven’t been in before.

Why Would Somebody Become A Plumber?

Whenever someone wonders what someone else does for a living, they ask themselves, “Why would someone want to do this?” This is a great question. There are many reasons why someone would want to become a plumber and here are a few:

  • Trade/Technical School vs Traditional College – There is something to be said about going to a technical or trade school over a traditional college. You can graduate sooner in a trade that you specialize in and start making money right away. It’s appealing to not have thousands of dollars of debt and the thought of an unpaid internship.
  • Plumbers Are Licensed – This means that not everyone can be a plumber. You need to have the experience to own a plumbing business. All plumbers are licensed journeymen and master plumbers, but only master plumbers can own a business.
  • Variety Of Day To Day Work – Plumbers in Rock Hill don’t have the same daily routine. They get calls that are urgent and they get calls that are less urgent. They could do septic services, flooding basement fixes, or plumbing in new homes. There is never a shortage of things to do.
  • Work Schedule – Depending on if you own your own business or you work for someone, plumbers usually have flexible hours. If you own your own business, you can work your own hours and have an emergency line that people can call and get hold of you. Also, you can have your employees on call at certain hours instead of you.

There are many reasons that someone would want to become a plumber and it really depends on what your motivation is to do so. Plumbers in Rock Hill have a great work schedule and they never have the same tasks over and over again. AAA City Plumbing has some of the best plumbers in Rock Hill and they know how to fix any problem a customer may have and know how to get them going on that basement remodel or new build.

How Does One Become A Plumber?

So, what does it take to become a plumber in Rock Hill? There are many things that can help you pursue your future career as a plumber.

  • The First Thing That You Need To Do Is Get a GED or High School Diploma – This is imperative that you get this so that you can go to a technical or trade school. While here you will learn about things such as math, science, physics, and drafting with computers. While at a technical school you will need to enhance your learning about drain systems, water supply, best practices, and equipment used.
  • Get An Apprenticeship – This is very helpful in any way you want to look at your career as a plumber. You need to be licensed to own your own business and you need the experience pertinent to become a master plumber. You get this through an apprenticeship and it will help you get seniority in your company and help you in any way possible for your career.
  • Then, You Need To Get A License To Become A Plumber – You do this by taking a test and passing it. You need the experience necessary to take this test and once you have it you will be licensed. There are a few things that you need to avoid before you get licensed:
    • Failed drug tests
    • Misdemeanors or felonies
    • Moving violations
    • DUI/DWI
    • Reckless driving
    • Anything that can tie your criminal record to your professional record

These are the few basic steps that you would want to follow to become a licensed plumber in Rock Hill. AAA City Plumbing has licensed plumbers to make sure our customers get the best service and we do that by making sure we employ the best plumbers that meet the qualifications and standards we set as a company.

How Much Can Plumbers Expect To Earn?

To start with this, let me clarify that these are not what you may get paid by any company, including AAA City Plumbing. Salary is just one of those things that a lot of people don’t like talking about. Plumbers in the U.S. can make on, average, $25 an hour. That is the average that plumbers of all experiences make in the U.S. Plumbers in South Carolina tend to average a little less than the national average. Plumbers in Rock Hill may average less than the national average, but that doesn’t mean that they have to make that for the rest of their career. Hard work and dedication to the job will always sew the seeds of financial success, no matter the industry.

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