Septic Tanks…..

Rainy weather can spell trouble for damaged septic tanks. Septic tanks and drain lines can be damaged by tree roots, driving vehicles over them, age and deterioration, and not being properly maintained. Septic tanks are usually out of sight out of mind until that dreaded moment when the sink won’t drain or it drains slowly. When you flush the toilet it and it starts bubbling and gurgling is also a sign you may have a problem. Another sign to look for is standing water near your septic tank. Septic tanks are normally located close to your home. Take a peek at this blog post with more great information and Q&A on septic tanks.

Preventative Maintenance for Your Septic Tank

It’s worth mentioning that there are things you can do as a home owner to maintain your septic system to guard against plumbing problems.

1- Have your septic tank pumped every three to five years. We have septic trucks available in Columbia and surrounding areas. Call us (803) 327-5171 or (803) 255-0011 for an appointment.

2- Use an environmentally friendly enzyme treatment that can help keep solids broke down. $60 Can keep your plumbing drains septic clean for two years. We have a great product in the office that we are happy to send to you, our septic tank tech has it on his truck and we always invite you to stop by an office and purchase some.

3-Scotts tissue for septic tanks ONLY!

4- Don’t plant trees or large shrubs near or on top of your septic tank lid and drain fields.

Solving Your Septic Tank Problems

If you find that there is an issue that requires a professional plumber we are available weekdays and weekends. We can pump your septic and also have a plumber to diagnose what the issue is that is causing plumbing problems. Sometimes a full septic can be as simple as a toilet that is running inside your home. We have plumbing cameras that we can use to look inside your drain fields for broken drains or tree roots.

We are Columbia’s top plumbing company that specializes in plumbing diagnostics. We are a full service plumbing company that can fix your problem with out needing multiple different companies saving you time and money. For more savings check out the coupon page. Keep in. ind we offer senior discounts and honor our veterans with a discount also.

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