How to Keep Clogs from Happening?Is your water consumption bill too high? Are your toilet and washing machine older models? Do you like your water chilled but use the faucet to get drinking water? Do you wash your dishes in the sink or do you put dishes with baked on food directly into your dish washer? Does your family prefer showers over baths? If you answered yes to more than one question, part or all of the reasons for your high water bills lies in that issue.

What Consumes the Most Water?

Older toilets use up to seven gallons per flush. Replacing your older toilet with a new water conserving toilet could reduce your water consumption to as little as 2.4 gallons on a dual flush toilet with 1.6 gallons on the main flush and .8 gallons on the following flush.

The water conserving toilet and the older toilet are both gravity fed toilets that depend on gravity to push the water down when flushing. The pressure assisted toilet uses compressed air to assist with the flush resulting in the use of even less water.

A pressure assisted toilet uses 1.1 to 1.4 gallons per flush. Most families of four flush the toilet at least two times per household member each day, that’s 28 flushes per week, 120 flushes per month and 720 gallons water per month used for an older inefficient toilet. However, that’s only 1.4 times 120 flushes or 168 gallons using a pressure assisted toilet.

Older washers used 30 to 47 gallons of water with each load. Todays efficient front-load washers use 11-32 gallons of water. In addition these more efficient models use 40-60% less operating energy.

When you’re thirsty, do you run the faucet until the water runs cold? If you do, that could be another source for your high water bills. Instead of running the water until it feels cold, keep a glass carafe in the refrigerator filled with water at all times. When you’re thirsty it will be chilled and ready to drink and you only need to run the faucet long enough to fill the carafe.

When washing your dishes only fill the sink when you have served a multi-course meal to several people. Otherwise fill a bowl with hot soapy water and wash your dishes. If you prefer to use a dishwasher, rinse your dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. This will insure your dishes get clean with one short cycle instead of extra long cycles or repeated washings.

What Should I Do?

Finally, take baths often to cut down of the number of showers you and your family takes. A ten minute shower can use up to 100 gallons, while a bath uses only 30-40 gallons. Save water and take a bath. It’s more relaxing and it’s good to soak every now and then to loosen rough skin.

If saving water is your goal, you can conserve water by updating your appliances with water conserving models. Reduce your water consumption even more by running water from your faucet less when accessing drinking water and washing dishes.

While it’s important to get ready fast, try a less water consuming bath over the water guzzling shower.

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