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Water softening and water filtration helps to rid the water that comes into your home of contaminants. Hard water, mineral buildup, and harmful chemicals, can all be present in the water that enters your home. Through the use of professional water filtration systems, many of these issues can be prevented. For homes in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas, our technicians have expert solutions to get your homes water free and clear of various contaminants.

What Is Hard Water And How Does It Affect Your Home?

Water FiltrationHard water is simply water that has a lot of minerals like calcium and magnesium in it. Calcium and magnesium will eventually clog pipes with scale. Sometimes the scale is so thick that it interferes with the water pressure and can damage the pipes to the point where they’ll need to be replaced. Hard water also doesn’t allow soap or detergents to lather up sufficiently, can etch glassware until it’s permanently cloudy, and can shorten the life of water-dependent appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and even the ice makers.

How Can Water Filtration Systems Prevent Hard Water?

Water filtration systems function by removing the impurities, chemicals, and minerals, from the water entering your home. By doing this, they also create water that is free and clear of hard minerals. This allows for safer plumbing solutions as there is no hard water buildup. Additionally, it benefits the many utilities in your home by extending their life and efficiency.

What Types Of Water Filtration Systems Are There?

Water FiltrationTo get rid of hard water, our technicians from AAA City plumbing install a system where the water flows through a tank filled with resinous beads and brine. There, the calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged for sodium ions and the water is allowed to flow into the house. The filter can be installed where the water enters the house or can be installed where it’s used like the kitchen sink or the bathroom.

Other ways we can clean our customers’ water is through aeration and distillation. With aeration, air is added to the water and the contaminant is bubbled out of it. This is good for dissolved gases like radon, which is a carcinogen. With distillation, the water is heated to boiling and the steam is collected and allowed to condense back into purified water. This type of filtration removes poisons like arsenic, inorganic mercury, nitrates, nitrites, radium and uranium.

What Is Water Softening?

Another way that water can be cleaned and filtered is through the practice of water softening. A water softener functions by filtering or cleaning the water that enters the unit. Through ion exchange it removes bad minerals and chemicals and filters them through cleaning solutions and sodium chloride. By doing this is removes the impurities of hard water and replaces them into your homes water stream. Our technicians are experts in the installation and proper maintenance of these units and can easily retrofit your home with a water softener today!

Why Choose AAA City Plumbing For Water Filtration Services?

Our licensed and insured plumbers have many years of experience between them in installing, repairing, and maintaining water filtration and water softening systems.We pride ourselves in making sure that our customers have fresh, healthy water to drink, and clean water to wash with. Contact us at AAA City Plumbing for the water filtration system that’s right for you. We will be able to provide you with a solution that is not only beneficial for your home and family but also within your budget.

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