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Taking a proactive stance in regard to the maintenance of pipes in your residence is crucial. The reality is pipe related problems, and the extent of possible damage to your property if something goes wrong with your pipes, is markedly reduced if you take a proactive stance. One resource available to you is the video inspection of your pipes. Performed by professionals, such as our staff, your home in Charlotte, NC or the surrounding area will be fully inspected. Any and all plumbing issues that you may have will be detected and a repair solution can be implemented in no time.

How Does a Video Pipe Survey Work?

Video Pipe InspectionAlthough undertaken by our professional team, a video pipe survey is an easy process to understand. We utilize equipment that includes a small camera that is extended into your pipes. The camera sends a video transmission to a monitor which permits us to evaluate the condition of your pipes. A trained technician will then navigate the various systems in your pipes and look for any areas where clogs may be present. By doing this they will be able to determine a course of action that will properly remedy the issue you are facing.

A more traditional process, which permits a thorough inspection of pipes, requires the excavation of those pipes. In other words, to obtain comparable results through a traditional method, your pipes would have to be dug up and manually inspected. That process is highly invasive, very disruptive, and in most cases expensive.

When Should a Video Pipe Inspection Be Used?

Like any other symptom that can strike your plumbing system, there are various reasons why a video pipe inspection should be used. As most people know, the plumbing system in your home is intricate and goes through walls, floors, and other locations around your home. When you notice a higher than usual water bill or loss of water pressure, then you may be suffering from a hidden leak. When this occurs the most important thing to do is get a video pipe inspection. By doing this, our emergency plumber can find the source of the issue and repair it before any more damage is done in your home.

What Are the Benefits of a Video Pipe Inspection?

In addition to being less invasive and less expensive, a variety of other benefits accrue when taking this course to inspect your pipes. At the top of the list is the ability to identify a wide range of different types of potential problems associated with your pipes.

For example, a video pipe inspection can identify broken or cracked pipes, clogged pipes, as well as pipe buildup that should be removed to ensure the optimal functioning of the plumbing in your home.

A video pipe inspection is also able to provide you with information about the status of your pipes far faster than the traditional excavation process. As opposed to waiting to find the root of the problem through digging, our technicians will be able to identify the issue in real time as the camera finds it.

Why Should You Hire AAA City Plumbing for Your Video Pipe Inspection Services?

Video PipeThe fact is, undertaking a video pipe inspection is not something the typical homeowner (or other property owner) can do on their own. Our professional team is not only vested with the equipment needed to undertake this type of inspection, but we have the experience and training necessary to identify correctly a full array of different types of problems that can occur in a pipe. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect the various plumbing systems in your home and identify, with accuracy, the source of the plumbing issue you may be having. This allows you to not only save money but to also have peace of mind knowing the real source of your plumbing issue is addressed. Contact your local plumbers to learn more!

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