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For many homeowners, rainy season or winter time means a series of storms that can often overwhelm the natural defenses of the soil that is located near your home. At times like that, it is natural to worry somewhat about water leaks in your basement and your foundation. If your home is in Charlotte, NC, or the surrounding areas, then looking to purchase or maintain your sump pump is the correct course of action. At AAA City Plumbing our local plumbers are highly skilled and can provide your home with a line of defense in the event of a flood.

What Are Sump Pumps?

Sump PumpSump pumps are a type of emergency pump that can alleviate many of your water leakage concerns. They are setup to only operate when the water table reaches a certain point. As soon as it does, they pump the excess water out through a pipe into an area of the yard that will not drain back into the house. Most sump pumps are powerful enough to cover an entire basement or foundation area. This is good during emergencies such as floods and burst pipes as it can prevent further damage from occurring in the foundations of your home.

How Are Sump Pumps Beneficial to Your Home?

Sump pumps are an excellent way of ensuring that overflow water from your yard does not leak into your house. You might be surprised at how much damage moisture can cause to either a basement or a foundation, but it can. Many homes are built on soil that has a high amount of clay content, causing it to drain improperly. Oftentimes, even with drains installed when the home is built, a serious rainstorm can cause water to pool in the basement. A properly installed sump pump can make a huge difference by draining water that exists in the soil around the walls and foundation of your home before it gets an opportunity to seep through.

What Are Common Issues That Can Be Prevented By a Sump Pump?

If you have recently noticed water pooling in your basement or discoloration in your foundation, then it isn’t a bad idea to consider having us come out and provide you with an estimate to put a sump pump in. Soggy ground around your foundation after storms is another sign that your water table has risen and your drainage system cannot keep up with it.

In addition, many foundations appear solid, but when water sits underneath and around them for a while, they start to weaken and crumble. It isn’t hard to see this- but to do so you must often climb under your house and inspect the entire foundation. With our experience in the business, we can tell you right away which parts of your house are affected and work that into any planning that is done for sump pump installation.

Expert Professional Sump Pump Services

Here at AAA City Plumbing, we have years of experience working to position and install sump pumps. One of the most important parts of putting a sump pump in is the inspection of the soil around and underneath the foundation of a home. If the sump pump is seated in the wrong place, it may not be as effective as it needs to be.

After sampling the soil and making recommendations on where to put the sump pump, deciding where the runoff goes also becomes important. Our technicians are adept at ensuring that the pipe and the outlet for that pipe remain unobtrusive and well-designed.

Our work is guaranteed and our technicians are always flexible to make sure that the appointment is convenient for you and your family. We will be able to provide you with an efficient and professional installation service for your sump pump, keeping within your budget all the while.

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