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If you suspect that you have a slab leak, it is critical to have AAA City Plumbing inspect your home. Your foundation maintains your home’s structural integrity. Any shift or damage to the slab causes a domino effect to the rest of the home. We know you need a professional and accurate evaluation of your property to keep your home safe and secure. For customers in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas, slab leaks can cause serious damage to the home. Call our expert technicians today and get industry leading services in no time!

What Are Slab Leaks?

Slab LeakYour home resides on a foundation several inches thick, depending on local regulations. Underneath the concrete slab are many plumbing pipes directing water into and out of the structure. When a pipe degrades over time, such as copper types, they develop pinholes or small cracks. Water slowly seeps out of the pipe and into the surrounding soil. Any moisture that reaches a slab crack can seep upward and shift the concrete slightly. This can create serious issues for the foundations of your home. More often than not these leaks are not detected for some time as they are not in sight. This can create serious repercussions for your home.

What Causes Slab Leaks?

Aside from pipe degradation, including old, cast iron types, slab leaks also occur from shifting soil. Clay soil, for example, expands and contracts with prevailing weather, especially if your region is prone to freezing. As the soil shifts, it can crack pipes and the slab itself, creating a perfect storm for structural instability and water loss.

If you have a particularly aggressive tree growing near your foundation, its roots can quickly become a problem if they extend under the foundation. Roots search for water, and quickly pierce pipes with pinhole leaks to receive their nourishment. They eventually break the pipe and the surrounding concrete. Even misdirected rain gutters contribute to slab leaks. Water gushing under the foundation causes instability. The pipes may buckle from the soil shift, causing a slab leak with two water sources.

How Can Slab Leaks Affect Your Home?

Slab Leak RepairBecause leaks occur over a long period, and are often several feet under the slab itself, you may not notice a leak until it is well-established. Your home actually shows several symptoms of a slab leak. Physical symptoms include mildew under floor coverings, especially if you are installing hardwood floors, and a constant running water sound. Look for new wall cracks, along with uneven floors and doors. You’ll find that doors are harder to open and close as the frames shift shape. Additionally, your water bill is greatly affected because the water leak is continual. Even a small leak equals gallons of water over a week or month. If you receive a huge water bill, it is time to call AAA City Plumbing for an evaluation.

Slab Leak Repair Solutions

At AAA City Plumbing we use the least invasive way to access your plumbing problems. In general, we access the piping directly through the foundation and repair the pipe location. Every home and plumbing system has a unique architecture that must be evaluated on-site. Allow us to find the best way to repair your slab leak before it damages your home severely. Our technicians will inspect the entire area and determine a solution that is affordable and efficient to restoring your home to its original conditions.

AAA City Plumbing Expert Plumbing Solutions

When we evaluate your home, we use specialized camera technology to pinpoint any leaks in the system. In fact, we create a map of your plumbing to inspect all foundational areas. After our expert evaluation, you will have a clear picture of the slab leak and its proposed repair solution. At AAA City Plumbing, we want you to have a safe and structurally sound home. Our modern technology allows us to find and repair slab leaks quickly and efficiently without too much intrusion to your home.

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