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A septic tank is a tank that’s usually buried beneath the ground near a residence. It helps process the waste material that comes out of that residence. In a typical septic tank, liquid and solid waste come in through the waste drain. Bacteria separate the waste into sludge that sinks to the bottom of the tank, a liquid that sits on top of the sludge, and a scum that floats on top of the liquid. When an issue strikes the septic tank, however, you could be left with waste water all around your home. If your home is in Rock Hill SC, Columbia SC, or the surrounding areas, then give AAA City Plumbing a call for the best plumbing service. Our experts are highly trained and can provide your home with an efficient solution in no time!

Septic Services In The Columbia, SC & Rock Hill, SC Areas

Septic tanks in the Carolinas are known to have issues. It’s no secret that because of the coastal region, there are a lot of rains and high water tables. This means that it’s not a question of “if,” but “when” you’re going to need to call a good septic tank pumping and cleaning company. AAA City Plumbing has done a good job for the last few decades with our septic tank pumping. As of right now, we not only cover the greater area of Columbia, SC, but also the north eastern area of South Carolina, in Rock Hill. We want to continue to grow and do a good job, when it’s needed most. Because of our larger coverage area, we can service more people whether it’s York County, South Carolina or even Richland County, South Carolina. Rest assured that you can call AAA City Plumbing at anytime that you notice an issue. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Emergency septic tank services are only a phone call away. We invite you to contact us by phone. Call (803) 255-0011 if you’re in the Columbia area -or- call (803) 327-5171 if you’re near Rock Hill. Either way, we’ll come running to make sure your septic tank problem goes away.

Why Choose AAA City Plumbing for Septic Tank Services?

If you haven’t had your septic tank checked or cleaned out in a while, don’t hesitate to call AAA City Plumbing today. Our technicians are experts and will have a viable solution for your home. We will thoroughly inspect the area and provide you with the best septic tank service possible.

How Does a Septic Tank Work?

Septic Tank ServiceWhen you flush waste from your home, it is sent through the plumbing into the septic tank. Once there, the septic tank breaks down the waste and properly distributes it into various stages. After the waste is digested by the bacteria, the liquid, which is relatively harmless, overflows into a distribution box. From there it flows into perforated pipes and into a drainage field that’s been filled with sand and gravel. There the liquid can either safely evaporate or sink into the ground. This system is intricate, which is why it can also wreak havoc in your home should it be disrupted.

How Can You Tell If Your Septic Tank Is Damaged?

Many people don’t pay attention to their septic tank until it begins to fail. A homeowner can tell if the septic system is beginning to fail through regular observation and attention. If there are wet spots in the area, a bad odor, too much vegetation, and sometimes even waste material, then your home may be suffering from septic tank issues. Similarly, if you find that the water from your home drains slowly, or there is backflow present, these are also signs of a possible septic tank issue.

How Can You Prevent Septic Tank Issues?

It’s always a good idea to get the tank pumped out every few years by our technicians at AAA City Plumbing. The cost to repair or replace a system that’s been damaged can be substantially more than septic tank pumping now and then. Similarly, regular inspections and care can also prevent septic tank issues as small problems are addressed early before they can create more serious conditions.

What Can Cause Damage In a Septic Tank?

Septic Tank ServiceWhile the septic tank can maintain a heavy load of waste, it is also susceptible to damage. The septic tank itself can be damaged if a heavy vehicle like a car or truck is allowed to drive over it and crush it. It can also become damaged if a tree or shrub is planted directly over it and the roots infiltrate the tank; only grass should be planted over a septic tank. But the real problem arises if the solid waste enters the distribution box and then flows into the drainage field and contaminates it.

There are several ways for this to happen. The septic tank can be ignored for too long a period of time and the sludge accumulates until it’s right at the overflow pipe. This overwhelms the bacteria and the sludge goes straight to the drainage field. This creates a biohazard and the drainage field will need to be replaced. Another way a septic system can be damaged is if harsh chemicals are frequently poured down the drains and eventually kill the bacteria or reduce their numbers till they can no longer do their job of digesting the waste. This can also come about if paint thinners, bleaches, or pesticides are poured down the drains.

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