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There can be several reasons for a homeowner to choose repiping for his or her plumbing system. The pipes can be so clogged with limescale laid down by years of hard water that they no longer function well and can’t really be cleaned out. The pipes might also be corroded with rust or the system has so many leaks that it’s not really worth finding and fixing each one. If your home is in Charlotte, NC, or the surrounding areas, and you’re facing a need for repiping services, then look no further than AAA City Plumbing for industry leading services. Our experts are highly trained and experienced to perform the necessary services efficiently and affordably.

Why Choose Professional Repiping Services?

Repiping is never a job for a DIYer, which is where our licensed, certified, and insured plumbers of AAA City Plumbing come in. A plumbing system is built to bring in fresh water, take out waste water, and vent sewer gases. This is done through various intricate pipe systems which perform the various functions. Thus if repiping is not done with the proper knowledge, it can result in serious and dangerous results. In the end it can cost you significantly more. Our expert technicians are available to perform the necessary services without breaking the bank; best of all, we do it right the first time!

How Can Damaged Or Old Pipes Affect Your Home?

Old or damaged pipes can result in various issues in your home. Leaks, low water pressure, higher than usual water bills, and noises can all stem from a damaged or aged plumbing pipe. Similarly, a damaged pipe can cause damage in the rest of your home. From water damage to cracks in walls and foundations, trust in our technicians to have a solution for you!

What Types Of Pipes Are Available To Repipe Your Charlotte Home?

When repiping your home, choosing a reliable alternative is imperative. More often than not weak pipes are the root of the need for repiping services. At AAA City Plumbing we offer various pipe alternatives for your repiping project including:

PEX, or cross linked polyethylene, is a new sort of pipe that’s good for residences. It’s flexible and easy to install but is quite expensive. It can generally last longer because of its flexibility and is good for homes with intricate plumbing systems.

Plumbing ServicesPVC is still the most popular pipe used for residential plumbing. It’s a singularly tough type of piping that can even stand up to harsh chemicals. PVC is good for drains and cold water lines while CPVC, or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, can stand hot water.

Galvanized steel pipe is found in older homes. It can last as long as 50 years because of it’s strong resistance to wear and tear. While it can last longer it has a tendency to be difficult to install as it is not as flexible as PEX however it is still a good option for residential plumbing systems.

Copper pipe can be both rigid and flexible. The rigid copper piping is used for drain-waste-vent lines as well as hot and cold water supply. While the flexible type is only used for hot and cold water lines. Copper doesn’t corrode and lasts a very long time which is why it is a good repiping alternative.

What Are The Benefits Of Repiping?

Granted, repiping a home is expensive and disruptive, but when it’s over our customers are no longer plagued with clogs or leaks that can cost more in the long run to fix than the repiping. The water pressure, which was lowered as a result of faulty pipes, is also back to normal. At AAA City Plumbing our expert technicians are available to give you various price ranges and perform the necessary installation services without breaking the bank. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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