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There are many reasons as to why a toilet may clog. More often than not, maintenance and care of the toilet can prevent many of these issues from ever occurring. However, once they do strike, getting professional services is imperative for proper repair. For customers in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas, AAA City Plumbing is here to help. Our expert technicians have seen it all and can fix it all with little to no discomfort in your home!

What Are Common Items That Cause Clogs In Toilets?

One of the most common reasons that toilets become clogged in the home is that too much toilet paper gets put in them. Never should the following items be put in a toilet:


  • Diapers
  • Paper towels
  • Sanitary products
  • Tissues

Foreign Objects

Many times, the culprit behind a clogged toilet is a small child who has thrown an object in it and tried to flush it. From stuffed animals to toy race cars, there are many toys that children will try to flush.

Main Drain Issues

Larger problems associated with a toilet that frequently becomes clogged are usually related to a home’s main drain. There is no way to go about fixing such issues without the professional help of an experienced plumber.

What Are Symptoms Of A Clogged Toilet?

When a homeowner suffers from a clogged toilet, there are many other things that they’ll be suffering from as well. Some of the more common symptoms associated with a clogged toilet include the following:

Foul Odor: There is no mistaking the smell that comes from a sewer or septic tank. It tends to be an odor laced by the aroma of methane, and it is not one that is favored. For many people, the smell is not only unpleasant but it’s harmful to their health. When odor is noticed, a professional plumber needs to be called in to fix the related issues.Toilet Clogs

Slow Drains: Whether it is a toilet, bathtub or kitchen sink, when the drains let water out very slowly, this is a sure-sign that the plumbing vents are clogged. Such issues need to be fixed as quickly as possible to prevent future damage from taking place.

Gurgling in the Drains: When a toilet is clogged, there is usually some type of gurgling sound that will come from it, either with or without flushing it. The gurgling is a result of restricted airflow to the toilet; thus being a major reason as to why it is probably clogged.

No Water in the Toilet: When a toilet becomes clogged, after being flushed just one time, there is a good chance no water will fill back into it. Either the existing water in it will go down or stay in it; however, no water usually comes back because there is none in the pipes below.

How Can AAA City Plumbing Help With Clogged Toilets?

At AAA City Plumbing we are homeowners too, and understand the annoyance that can stem from a clogged toilet. We always recommend that the services are left to the professionals as our technicians have the proper training to get these repairs done efficiently and with no damage to your plumbing system. We will be able to inspect the toilet and determine the root of the problem. Once discovered we will perform the necessary repair services to get your toilet up and running in no time. No matter what the issue is you can rest assured knowing our professional staff will have a solution for you.

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