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Bathroom Remodeling Services


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An attractive and well planned bathroom is a joy for the homeowner and is one of the top contributors to a high resale value. The design possibilities are endless with over sized bathtubs, double vanities, storage areas, walk-in showers and separate rooms for the toilet and shower. Even a small bathroom can be upgraded to look attractive and be very practical. If you are thinking about remodeling a bathroom in your house, and you’re in Charlotte, NC, or the surrounding areas, there are some things you should consider before you get started.

How Can A Budget Help With Professional Bathroom Remodeling Services?

With the huge variety of materials including a wide selection of natural stone as well as beautiful tiles, you should first decide how much you want to spend on the upgrade. This will determine the type of materials and fixtures you select. Our technicians can help you choose the style and color you like and help you stay within your budget. You can decide on a budget and try to design your remodel to fit that budget, or you can design the bathroom of your dreams to determine the possible costs. One way for you to decide how much to spend is to determine how long you plan to be in the house. If you will move within five years, then the amount you spend is an investment in the price of the house. If you plan to live there for years to come, make a room that is comfortable for you and your family. No matter what you need, you can trust in our helpful staff to assist you in coming up with a plan that you can afford and enjoy.

Why Should You Use A Professional For Bathroom Renovations And Upgrades?

When your getting a new bathroom in your home, the main goal is to ensure that everything is done correctly and professionally. To get the bathroom of your dreams, you may want to move the water supply and waste water lines to accommodate your new vanity with different sinks or a new tub and shower. This is the time a licensed, bonded and insured plumber can save you money. We can do the work efficiently and correctly the first time because we have the knowledge and proper tools.

We can install contemporary design trends or fit your bathroom like a spa or enclosed tub. You may like a vintage look to harmonize with the style of your home. We’ll arrange the design and fixtures. We’ll also help you remodel a bathroom to be suitable for an older person or someone with special needs. We will visit you in your home to learn about your design ideas and what type of bathroom you would like. We’ll take measurements and discuss the type of fixtures that are suitable for your budget. Additionally, we will give you tips about how to utilize corners, and the best size of fixtures for the area. We can remove tubs and install showers or remove showers and install tubs.

Why Is A Bathroom Remodeling Beneficial To Your Home?

Aside from the added comfort of a personalized bathroom, there are various other benefits to remodeling your bathroom. When remodeling a bathroom, this will give you an opportunity to renovate many outdated fixtures and items such as sinks, tubs, and toilets. Additionally, when remodeling with our technicians it gives us an opportunity to ensure that the plumbing systems is correctly installed and efficient. Also, by using our staff, you can rest assured everything is installed perfectly ensuring that your bathroom remodel will be long lasting. This can not only add comfort for you and your family but also add substantial value to your home.

How Can AAA City Plumbing Help With Bathroom Remodeling Services?

Stained fixtures and grout are just two signs that your bathroom needs remodeling. No matter how hard you scrub or how much bleach you use, your bathroom still looks grungy. You may need a better organization of facilities to have more space, or you are thinking about selling your house. Your bathroom may simply be decades old, or it may need to accommodate more users. When you call AAA City Plumbing, we can help you with design applications, choosing the right fixtures, making sure your new plumbing is correctly installed, and inspecting old plumbing that you decide to keep to make sure it is in good working order. Our technicians are thorough and efficient and can give high quality services all within your budget.

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