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Protecting your home against backflow necessitates the assistance of plumbing professionals. Our team at AAA City Plumbing are experts in dealing with a full array of backflow and backflow prevention related issues. In addition, we have the resources and tools available to professionally resolve a backflow related issue that threatens your home. If you’re in Charlotte, NC, or the surrounding areas, trust in our expert services for your home!

What is Backflow?

Backflow, as the work implies, is the undesirable reverse flow of water through a plumbing system. Backflow generally stems from improper maintenance or the lack of a backflow preventer in your plumbing system. For example, dirty water can backflow causing a contamination of pipes designed for potable or fresh water. In other words, not only can backflow be a nuisance it actually can become a health hazard. Thus, the issue of improper backflow simply cannot be underestimated.

How can Backflow Affect Your Home?

Back Flow FloodingBackflow can affect your home in a number of different ways. As noted a moment ago, backflow actually can end up contaminating inflow or fresh water pipes in your residence. The end result of such a negative process is the contamination of your fresh water system or supply.

Backflow can also cause flooding in your home. This is so because backflow can become so severe in a short amount of time, that it will in turn result in spilling water and leaks, which in turn can result in serious property damage to your home. Also because backflow can cause improper flow of water in your homes plumbing, it can put unnecessary strain and pressure on pipes which will cause them to crack, leak, or rupture.

How Is Backflow Repaired Or Prevented?

The first step in the process of backflow repair is containing the flow of water. This is done before anything else is or can be undertaken to minimize the damage or harm being caused by a backflow situation.

The second step in the process of backflow repair is identifying the cause of the backflow in the first instance. A variety of factors can contribute to or cause backflow. These can include clogged pipes, damaged pipes, and similar types of problems. AAA City Plumbing uses the latest technology to promptly and thoroughly diagnose the cause of a backflow issue to ensure that it properly is dealt with by our professional team.

Our expert technicians can become a crucial resource when it comes to identifying and resolving a backflow problem. We have the experience and technologies to ensure that backflow issues are treated properly. Similarly, the installation of a backflow preventer can prevent many of these issues from ever occurring at all.

Importance of Certification

Back flow TestingIn Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas, professional inspections and repairs are required for backflow. At AAA City Plumbing our expert technicians are certified and licensed to perform these services and provide you with the peace of mind that comes with industry leading services. Our professionals at AAA City Plumbing possess the proper certification necessary to deal with a full spectrum of plumbing maintenance, diagnostic and repair issues, including those associated with backflow. If you’re suffering from a backflow issue, call us today and get the best services for your home.

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