Protecting Your Charlotte Home From Cold Weather

We are on your side here at AAA City Plumbing Inc and want to help you in  protecting your Charlotte home from cold weather plumbing problems. Here in the upper South Carolina area near Fort Mill and Rock Hill along with Charlotte’s surrounding areas the weather can change quickly. I open my blinds at my kitchen sink each morning while I wake myself with a cup of joe and try to decide what the weather may be. Dressing for the weather and our plumbing office is always a challenge because with four girls in the office and the plumbing technicians in the back, someone is always too cold or too hot. That being said, this morning our plumbing service manager ask me did I have my home prepared for the cold weather rolling in. My house is like the cobbler’s kids feet…..they didn’t have shoes and my home is the last to get prepared so I will be doing these plumbing tips tonight.YOU, go grab a pen and paper and let’s protect your home from potential plumbing issues tomorrow.

Plumbing tips for protecting your home and business from cold weather.

1- Disconnect your garden hose from the house. Water still left in the hose can freeze and potentially make plumbing issues for the outside spigot which ultimately leads inside your home. HANG ON…. before you get going I have a few more things your gonna need.

2- Grab as many of these spigot covers as you have outside faucets. Don’t forget the garage or outdoor buildings. You can purchase these at any local hardware store or big box store like Lowes and Home Depot. We found that Home Depot was a little less expensive. If you happen to have one of our Charlotte plumbers or Rock Hill Plumbing technicians at your home right now ask him to GIVE you enough for your home. It is that important to use that you sleep tight knowing you did what you could to protect your home.

DIY Plumbing tips to help you protect your home and family from potential cold weather plumbing emergencies | Charlotte Plumber

3- Turn off the irrigation. It sounds simple and most of us probably have done this already.

4- Because we are such pet lovers and owners around here….bring in those pets.

5- Incase you do prepare your home and you find yourself with frozen pipes or busted pipes give us a call and we can get a local plumber out to your home or business as soon as possible and with no additional charge. Also keep in mind we have plumbing coupons available for various plumbing problems available on our coupon page. We offer senior discounts and veterans discounts.


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