What Consumes the Most Water?Preventive maintenance can be described as the art of maintaining an equipment or a system, even before it gets faulty. This is mainly done with the sole aim that possibility of that equipment failing is minimized. It is performed while the system or equipment is still running perfect so that the risk of it failing is eliminated. What’s the relevance of this technique?


Unplanned maintenance can prove to be expensive because losses occur at a time when no one is aware or ready to counter their effect. This is where the essence of saving money comes in. With preventive maintenance, you are able to secure your system from unexpected breakdown thereby maintaining flow of work.

Unwanted delays are also eliminated and for this reason, you are able to reap the benefits of a seamlessly working system. This means no extra spending will be needed to make some urgent repairs that may in this case turn out too heavy for any business to absorb. It is always important to plan ahead because failure to plan translates to losses and retrogression in some cases. This is definitely what preventive maintenance does.

No need of Condition Based Maintenance

In condition based maintenance, unlike preventive maintenance, there are no pre-defined plans to perform maintenance but it relies on the state of the asset at that particular time to decide what steps need to be embraced to correct any flaws. This can turn out costly if compared to predictive maintenance.

Predictive Analysis

It is advisable to use predictive analysis that can help to counter the possibility of some things happening. Essentially, predictive maintenance is aimed at minimizing unplanned spending, an act that encourages saving.

Costs incurred in unplanned maintenance include loss of production, purchase of parts that are needed and loss of time, which is among the most precious and delicate assets in any business. Therefore, embracing predictive maintenance is synonymous to steering a business to higher heights.

However, for preventive maintenance to work, one needs to have some time to lay down the plan that will offer guidelines on how to execute maintenance. This consumption on time can sometimes be counted among the issues that make preventive maintenance challenging.

Generally, every business person or individual should embrace preventive maintenance because it offers the best way to ensure everything runs smoothly, and to prevent unnecessary snarl-ups that may turn out costly than expected.

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