Plumbing tips for Thanksgiving…..

that will keep your home’s plumbing working after the holidays are over. Did you know Thanksgiving, Christmas and the days following are one of the busiest times of the year for plumbers? Your plumbing system has added stress of keeping up with extra family members in the home and can be pushed to it’s limits.

Thanksgiving dinner

I am looking forward to the Thanksgiving feast we will have today at AAA City Plumbing and the time we will enjoy together. I am also looking forward to Thursday when I gather with my children, grandchildren and friends to celebrate. There are so many things that I have to be thankful for. One of the things I am thankful for is the continued support of our customers, thank you. We wish you and your family the warmest of Thanksgivings.

Don’t put those leftovers down the kitchen sink.

Charlotte plumber-kitchen sink

While your cooking and before aunt Betty starts helping with the dishes make sure everyone is raking those leftovers into the trash and not down your kitchen sink, even if you have a garbage disposal. Not all the food is chopped up and it sits in the drains. It gets trapped and can cause clogged drains. A good example is rice. Rice does not get chopped up and sits in your drains. Eggshells, fruit and vegetable peels are also items you don’t wont to let slip down the sink. This should go without saying but we still see it when we are in homes, DONT put grease down the sink.

Your home’s plumbing is already accommodating more showers, flushes, hand washes and cooking so be kind to your plumbing 🙂

The only things that get flushed are toilet paper and human waste.

If you have overnight guest it may be worth a small reminder in the restroom.

Please don’t flush: personal napkins, qtips, facial cloths, paper towels or cotton balls.

If there are any plumbing issues fix those before guests arrive.

If you have a leaky faucet, clogged or slow running drain, a water heater on its last leg, or you’re having garbage disposal issues, give us a call to fix those problems TODAY!

Happy Thanksgiving, Brandy “The Plumber’s Wife”


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