AAA City Plumbing are the best plumbers in the Charlotte area. They are able to help with many projects including: installation, cleaning pipes, and replacing pipes. They can work on projects in commercial buildings or in residential areas. They love helping their customers to the best of their ability and if you go to their website, they offer many discounts to their customers. They also have emergency services and the resources to service your plumbing issue when you need it, the same day.


AAA City Plumbing takes pride in always being available to their customers. They provide emergency services for many situations. Plumbing emergencies can include: Pipe leaks, drain backups, clogged and overflowing toilets, flooding, water heater problems, and clogged sewer lines. If it can cause significant damage in your home, it can be categorized as a plumbing emergency. These emergencies need the immediate care of licensed professionals. If you are having any high water bills, clogged toilets, or cold showers, Charlotte-based plumber AAA City Plumbing should be your first call for emergency services. They will come check your house and replace or install anything that will fix your plumbing. When you have a clogged toilet, your first action is most likely to reach for the plunger. There may be a larger problem associated with your toilet being clogged that has to do with your home’s main drain. If your toilet is clogging frequently without cause, then it may be time to call a professional at AAA City Plumbing. When you have a clogged toilet, there are several things that you suffer from:

  • Foul Odor: It is the smell that comes from your tank, and it is easily identified. This smell can also be hazardous to your health.
  • Slow Drains: When water is slowly draining out of any fixture, it is a sign that the plumbing vents are clogged. That means it needs to be fixed as quickly as possible to avoid anything happening to the rest of your pipes.
  • Gurgling in the Drains: When you hear a gurgling coming from your toilet, with or without flushing it, it is a result of restricted airflow to the toilet. The restricted airflow can be a major reason as to why your toilet is getting clogged.
  • No water in the toilet: If there is no water refill when you flush the toilet after it is clogged, that means there is no water in the pipes below.

When you are having a hard time draining your bathtub, the most likely reason is because your drain or pipes are clogged. The main reason is most likely hair. Hair builds up over time in your drains throughout your home and can prevent the flow of water. You can decrease the hair in your drains by installing a strainer or drain filters to catch the hair. Grease is another problem that can cause clogs. Over time, grease, from pots and pans, that was not dissolved by the dish soap will build up in your drains. Using another method of disposing grease, such as pouring it into a separate receptacle like a jar or can, will save your drains from becoming clogged. Little food particles can also get caught in the drain and cause blockages as well. Placing a strainer or stopper in your drain can prevent this. If you have slow drains, AAA City Plumbing can help you by cleaning your drains and hydro jetting, which will clear your drains and allow them to drain at the proper pace.  You can contact AAA City Plumbing if you are having any problems with any of the issues described above. They can be contacted by phone at (704) 766-8895, or you can also request a service by clicking here. They have offices in Charlotte and Rock Hill.

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