How Plumbing Systems Work

Pipes creaking, toilets flushing and running the garbage disposal are all constants in everyday life. The inner workings of a house or a commercial building are often mysteries to most people. Unless you are a Charlotte plumber you may not know or understand how plumbing works. It is something that is so important to our civilization, but it is only understood by a select few. Over the years, the way these plumbing systems work has been refined — as well as the materials used.

Understanding how plumbing works is not difficult and it is good information to have for something that is so important to your home. All people are familiar with plumbing in some way. It may be in its most basic form or its complex inner workings. AAA City Plumbing has experts that know how plumbing systems function. We can help you understand how your system works whenever you have plumbing needs. Anytime you have a concern or issue you should contact AAA City Plumbing.

Knowing some plumbing basics can help you address problems that arise in your house or business. This will allow you to discuss with your Charlotte plumber some of the specific issues you are having. Plumbing basics explained by How Stuff Works will help you understand your plumbing system. They operate on laws of nature. Pressure and gravity transport water and waste through the plumbing system.


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Dual Systems

A house or commercial building usually has two plumbing systems. One will bring in fresh water while the other will remove waste. The water that travels to the house is under pressure. This will allow the water to travel to the remote parts of a house and around those tight bends or corners. The pressure is necessary because without it the water would never make it through the pipes. A Charlotte plumber can help you understand this basic process if needed.

The water that you use is regulated. When water travels into a house it is measured so the city, county, or whoever can know how much water you are using. In addition to water being measured, it is also important to note that where the meter is located, there will often be a shutoff valve to control the flow of water into a house. Any house or business, whether old or new will have a shutoff valve. This could be a lifesaver for you and something that, if utilized in an emergency, can make sure that a Charlotte plumber does not have too much work to do.

Water has many uses within a building. It can be used for washing, toilets, sinks, or laundry. Often, this water does not have to be heated to be used within the house. However, if you are going to take a shower, you more than likely want a nice warm shower. Water that must be heated will be sent to a water heater. Water heaters can be set at a certain temperature, so you can have warm water or really hot water. This water will then be transported to the desired location. For instance, when you turn on your dishwasher, hot water will be sent.

Transporting Waste

As a Charlotte Plumber would tell you, wastewater works on a separate system than the freshwater that enters a house. Wastewater does not utilize pressure. Gravity is its greatest ally as the slanted, slopes, and steep angles force waste and wastewater toward a sewer system, whether it is a community sewer system or an individual septic tank. There are important things that need to be present, other than gravity, to make this system function properly, such as:

  • Vents: You will often see vents sticking off the roof of your house. You may have wondered what their purpose is. These vents will allow air flow to the waste system, which will allow waste to move freely through the system. When vents are not functioning, you should seek the assistance of a Charlotte plumber so you do not have any backup from the septic tank.
  • Traps: These are used to capture any debris or material that may go down the drain and clog it. Without these traps, you would be calling a Charlotte plumber constantly to unclog your drain and you may even have issues with your septic system backing up. Traps come in all shapes, sizes, and different forms. If you have ever looked under a sink, you will notice an S-shaped curve in the pipe. These curves act as a trap that will force debris to settle in these traps.
  • Cleanouts: Eventually traps will be filled with waste and must be cleaned. A Charlotte plumber can help you by cleaning these traps. There is often a cleanout area that will allow you to remove the waste. You may have a plug that has to be removed so the waste can drain.

Lastly, fixtures within the house, such as toilets and tubs, will have access to fresh water and a connection to drain wastewater. Also, these fixtures will have shut off valves. It is good to become familiar with all of the fixtures as well as the piping in your house. This will help you identify issues within the system. Once you have pinpointed a problem, you can then give a Charlotte plumber a call. The more you know about your plumbing system the easier it will be for you to explain the issue to a Charlotte plumber. A Charlotte plumber can help you with all of your plumbing issues.

What Does A Charlotte Plumber Do?

Charlotte plumbers are trained to understand and address any issues within a plumbing system. This can be many things. They are trained in everything from the installation of a plumbing system to assisting you in plumbing emergencies. The nice thing about plumbers is that they are available at all hours because emergencies can come at any time. Being able to contain an emergency, such as a break in the water line or backup in the sewage system, can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of stress and frustration.

You can expect the following services from a plumber:

  • Emergency Plumbing CallsCharlotte plumber filling cup with water
  • Clogged Toilets
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Septic Tank Plumbing & Service
  • Faucet, Fixture & Sink
  • Burst Pipe Repair
  • Repiping
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Sewer Line
  • Water Leak Detection
  • Water Heater Repair

All of these can cause major damage to your house or business if not addressed quickly and with the right skill. Plumbing services are such an integral part of your everyday life and plumbers are an essential part of the plumbing world. Their knowledge and expertise allow you to go on living comfortably and in a sanitary condition. AAA City Plumbing can help you maintain your comfortable life by helping you with the maintenance of your plumbing systems. If you have an emergency, call us now. We are able to help you and prevent damage from occurring in your house.

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