For many people living on the East coast, it is unfortunately hurricane season. Luckily, AAA City Plumbing is here to help you prepare your plumbing for any storm. Plumbing hurricane preparedness is vital to protecting the inner workings of your home and to lessen the damage that can be caused in the even of a major storm. The first thing you can do in regards to preserving and lessening the stress of taking care of your homes plumbing during this year’s hurricane season is to try and prevent as much damage to your houses plumbing as possible. Some things you can do to protect your plumbing are taking preventative steps such as shutting off your water, securing your water heater, and clearing drains to ensure they can handle the water without becoming clogged.

Although there is no guarantee that the amount of effort you put into your plumbing hurricane preparedness will completely guarantee the safety of your homes plumbing, it helps to ensure that the amount of damage that could possibly be inflicted by any storm is minimized. Whether you didn’t have enough time for your plumbing hurricane preparedness, or the storms power outweighed your plumbings protection, AAA City Plumbing is here to help with any problems that may arise.

Plumbing Hurricane Preparedness

Plumbing hurricane preparedness is a very important step to prepare your home before the storm really hits, the most crucial part of any plumbing hurricane preparedness plan is what comes after the storm. When the storm finally ends is when you will be able to assess whether any damage has even been done, and if it has, where you are going to go from there. When assessing the damage to your home and its plumbing, there are many things you should try and look out for after the hurricane has passed through where you live, such as:

Water Leaks

Not only do water leaks cause further damage and even flooding to your home, they can also bring a hefty and unnecessary water bill with them. To prevent flooding and further damage to your house, you should get a professional to come out and fix it for you as soon as you possibly can.

Water heater isn’t working as good

Water heaters can be damaged as a result of a major storm, causing some of its heating function to become disabled or damaged. Without having your water heater fixed, you’ll be unable to use any heated water until you have someone come out to fix it.

Gas line leakage

Gas line leaks are a lot more than an annoying sound and bad smell, gas line leaks are actually extremely dangerous. The gas that leaks is extremely flammable and toxic to humans and need to be taken care of by a professional as soon as you are aware of the problem.

And, be sure to keep an eye out for anything else that may seem a little off or out of the ordinary to you concerning your plumbing.

If you suspect any of your plumbing has been affected as the result of a hurricane, just get ahold of AAA City Plumbing for your post plumbing hurricane preparedness needs.

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