There is a lot to be grateful for when it comes to living in the United States; freedom, Democracy, drive-thru everything, and the one thing we always seem to take for granted – good plumbing. It’s one of the things you don’t realize how important it is until you don’t have it or until, heaven forbid, something goes wrong with it.

But not everyone is so lucky to have the accommodations that we have, such as clean water and flushing toilets. When you look at the differences in plumbing and the available plumbing services in other countries, it might shock you to find that a lot of people simply just don’t live the same way that we do.

Plumbing Services in China

  • Squat toilets – No, not the “Squatty Potty” that you’ve seen on late night commercials. These toilets are usually, pardon the pun, flush with the floor. There will be a hole for you to literally squat over when you need to use the restroom. While very common in other countries, they may come as a shock to those traveling from places that use Western toilets. They are not always clean, and locals recommend bringing toilet paper along with you as many of the public restrooms do not provide it. China is, and has been, improving the cleanliness and the privacy of these restrooms, but I think most Americans would rather stick with the “porcelain throne”.

Plumbing Services in India

  • If you thought the squat toilets were bad, then maybe places like India should stay out of your travel plans. To start, it is said that over 600 million people in the country of India do not have a toilet at home. In America, it is illegal to rent a home that has no indoor plumbing or restroom. But this is no new thing for the people of India. Since roughly 1500 AD their plumbing services have mostly consisted of above ground outhouses or in more urban areas, a brick and mortar room with a hole. These restrooms are privately owned, and you must pay to use them. They are usually not clean, and poorly maintained. While India promises to build 100 million new toilets by 2019 to increase the availability of plumbing to the people, it is still a small step to what we would consider a necessity in the United States.
  • Much like the toilets, if you want a shower similar to one you would get at home, you will have to pay for it. And by “similar”, we don’t mean “nice”. Many people bathe with a bucket system, one for dirty water and one for rinsing, or some even resort to bathing in nearby rivers or lakes. There are nice restrooms with fancy, clean showers and Western style toilets, but they are usually found in homes of the wealthy or in higher class hotels.

Plumbing Services in Europe

  • Plumbing services in much of Europe would seem leaps and bound ahead of China and India by many Americans standards. In England, while toilets will be a Western style, there is no real standardization of where and how to flush. Some will have the regular lever, while others will have a chain to pull, a button to push on the floor, or maybe an automatic toilet that does the job for you. In places such as Italy and Greece many bathrooms are unisex.

Plumbing Services in Kenya

  • Unfortunately India is not alone in its struggle for clean water as Kenya and many other West African countries have a hard time with water inequality. This country suffers from regular drought, and without a good infrastructure their rivers are frequently contaminated with pollutants from industries and villages upstream. For some, the water they use to cook, clean, bathe, and feed livestock with is all the same recycled water. Water-borne illnesses such as typhoid and cholera are a big problem for these countries and their people.

We Are Lucky In the USA

AAA City Plumbing is proud and grateful to live in a country where we can provide plumbing services such as toilet repair and installation, water filtration systems, water heater repair and installation, and services for septic tanks and sump pumps. We are dedicated to bringing you clean, hot and cold, refreshing water and strive to help you live in the comfort of Western plumbing that our great country provides.

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