Have you ever had a slow draining toilet or sink? What about some foul odors that come from the drain pipes? What about continual back ups in your pipes? If you have ever experienced any of these symptoms and you have a septic system, you should get it looked at as soon as possible. These symptoms can lead to very bad problems if they are not fixed in a timely manner. Your septic system is a sensitive ecosystem that needs to have everything in balance to work properly. When it gets too full and backs things up, that is when you need some professional help. We have been working with residential and commercial septic systems for a very long time and can help solve any problem that you encounter. There are few things in this world that you should not do yourself, and servicing or doing anything with septic systems is definitely on top of that list. People have lots of questions about what things you can and can’t put in a septic system. Let’s discuss a few of these questions that people have.

How Does A Septic System work?

Most people I assume live in a city where they pay a sewage fee. This system is different than your home septic system. In a city, all the waste from all the homes go through these big pipes throughout the city. Eventually they all lead to a treatment plant where it is treated and then is distributed in various ways.

Your home septic system is different than this large-scale sewage system that every large city has. Just like the city sewage system, all of your waste and drainage goes into your septic system. Over time your septic system will fill up with waste and water. The nice thing about your septic system is that you don’t have to empty it every time it fills up with water. This is what drain fields are for. The water leaves the system at a certain height and everything else stays there in the tank to decompose. The wonderful thing about septic systems is that they have bacteria in there to eat your waste and break it down so that it some of it can leave the tank and go into the water field. Bacteria is a very important part of your septic system. Without bacteria, your tank would fill up very fast, in about a week or so depending on how many people you have in the home. Septic systems are an amazing ecosystem that can be interrupted by our habits and what we put through our pipes. When you get a septic system service done, you will notice the effects immediately if you were having problems before.

Will Clorox Hurt My Septic System?

Many people ask the question of Clorox or bleach hurting their septic system. There are many myths and misconceptions out there regarding bleach. Because your septic system is like an ecosystem, having too much of one thing will throw it off. If you have too much bleach in your system, it has the potential to kill off too much of the bacteria that you need in your septic system. There are a few solutions to fixing this problem.

  • Use less bleach than you normally use to dilute it and keep your bacteria levels where they need to be.
  • Spread out your bleach washes during the week. Instead of doing all your whites that need bleach on the same day, spread them out over the week so that it gets diluted with other things you do such as your showers, baths, and dishwashing cycles.
  • Add more bacteria to your septic system if you find that you use bleach very oten.

Will Epsom Salt Hurt My Septic System?

If you ask your septic system service pro at AAA City Plumbing if Epsom salts are bad for your septic system, they would tell you that there is very little chance of you damaging your septic system with Epsom salts. While epsom salts can damage your septic system when used in excess, there is very little chance of you throwing off the bacteria levels in your system with moderate use of the salts. If there is continual use of the salts, this will kill some of the bacteria and may throw off the bacteria to waste balance that is optimal in septic systems.

Will Drano Hurt My Septic System?

Drano in small amounts will not damage your septic tank or throw off the balance of good bacteria that is needed. Drano is bad when you have those stubborn blocks that won’t go away and you use half the bottle to get it unclogged. AAA City Plumbing can help you get those stubborn clogs gone and get your plumbing back to normal. We have a septic system service will help your system stay healthy so that you won’t have to use harmful substances to make your drainage system work.

The Best Septic System Service

AAA City Plumbing has a fantastic service for your septic system. We will come out and do an evaluation of the system that you have and make sure it is meeting your needs. We can also detect if something is off and if we need to do anything different to make it more efficient. We will also clean your septic system out and make sure that you are set moving forward. We take pride in what they do and want to make sure that your plumbing needs at your home are taken care of.

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