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Commercial Water Leak Detection Services


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A water leak, if left unattended, can result in significant damages to your commercial property. We specialize in assisting commercial entities in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas, with these troublesome water leaks. Our services include water leak detection and repair services that will get your business back into perfect order. No matter where the leak may be situated, you can rest easy knowing that our technicians will have a solution for you.

What Causes Commercial Water Leaks To Occur?

Water leaks can be caused by a wide array of different reasons. With that noted, some common causes for water leaks do exist. A business owner needs to understand potential causes of water leaks in order to understand when it becomes necessary to obtain professional assistance to resolve such a problem.

A common cause of water leaks is aged plumbing. Many newer business initially are constructed using pipe material that is not necessarily designed to last for a particularly extended period of time. Similarly, when pipes are replaced in an older building, owners sometimes elect to use lower quality and less expensive pipe material. Because wear and tear, as well as age, represents one of the major reasons water leaks occur, an owner is wise to have a professional inspect pipes.

Another cause of a water leak is a shifting foundation. Many properties are constructed on ground that does shift, at least to some degree. This shifting can cause water leaks in one of two ways. First, shifting can result in broken pipes. Second, shifting develops cracks in walls and foundations that can permit water to enter a property from the environment.

How Can Water Leaks Impact Your Business?

Water leaks can cause damage to your business in a number of different ways. Keep in mind that a small pipe leak can escalate into a major problem in literally no time. When that happens, your property can end up flooded or at least suffering from severe water damage. More minor leaks can cause damage to a property’s foundation. Another effect of leaking water is higher than usual utility bills. Because leaking water is still running water, it can quickly hike your bill in no time. Additionally, water leaks can culminate in mold growth which is dangerous to the health of customers and employees and in some instances can result in closure of your property.

What Are The Benefits Of Professional Leak Detection And Repair Services?

leak repairThe fact is that a business owner is best served by engaging the services of professionals like us when it comes to dealing with water leaks. First of all, our team has the experience necessary to identify the cause of a particular water leak. We will thoroughly inspect your property and find the source of the leak. In many instances, water leaks culminate behind walls, under floors, and in areas that simply are not seen in the normal course of the day.

Second, we have the experience and resources necessary to resolve a leak efficiently and effectively. As a result, we are able to minimize the risk of property damage associated with even the most significant type of water leak. Our technicians will ensure that the course of action they take to repair the leak will last a significant amount of time. That means ensuring that the job is done correctly the first time.

No matter where your water leak is located, you can trust in AAA City Plumbing to get your business back in working order today. Our repairs are efficient and long lasting and will get your business in the highest possible working order today!

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