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Commercial Water Filtration System Services


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These days, water can too often be impure, filled with the environmental influences that make drinking and using the water difficult. This rings true for commercial properties in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas, as well. Water filtration is important to ensure that customers are happy and comfortable. At AAA City Plumbing we offer expert water filtration services for all of our commercial customers.

What Causes Water To Be Dirty Or Hard?

Water FiltrationMore often than not commercial properties receive their water from the city water lines that run through their buildings. In some instances chemicals used to purify the water at a city level can contaminate the water that goes into your business. Additionally older water lines that are filled with scale, minerals, and deposits, can all create difficult drinking conditions. As a result you can be left with water that is not good for your customers or your property in general.

What Is Water Softening?

In some instances with water that is filled with calcium and mineral buildup it can create a condition known as hard water. Hard water has a negative impact on the plumbing system, your business, and is all around unpleasant to drink. A commercial water softener can be installed to combat this issue and help soften the water that flows through your faucets.

Water softening is the process of ion exchange. The water that enters the property is mixed in a water softener that is filled with sodium. This mix of hard water with sodium removes these traces of calcium and mineral buildup and can in turn make the water soft.

What Other Types Of Commercial Water Filtration Systems Are Available?

commercial water filtrationAside from water softening systems, there are other water filtration systems that can be installed in your commercial property. There are water filters that are installed on the main water valve. This will filter large amounts of water before it enters your building. This is usually a good alternatives for businesses such as spas and gyms which generally use a substantial amount of water.

Another type of water filtration system is the smaller filters that go connected to specific areas. For example, a smaller water filter can be attached to a specific sink that receives a lot of use. This allows for a more specialized cleaning solution for individual utilities but is not always the best choice for business that have high water consumptions.

How Can Hard Or Dirty Water Affect Your Commercial Property?

Hard or unfiltered water can have a serious impact on your business. Not only is it uncomfortable for customers to come in contact with unfiltered water, it can also create staining in the various items in your business. This includes bathtubs, sinks, and toilets, which will not be a sightly image for clients to have. Additionally, hard water and unfiltered water can damage the plumbing entering your building. This unfiltered water can eventually create mineral deposits and scale which in turn can damage your plumbing systems. Call our technicians today to get efficient and professional solutions for your water filtration needs.

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