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Let us help you with all of your commercial plumbing needs, including toilet repair. AAA City Plumbing is your local Charlotte commercial toilet repair expert, providing professional services for business properties.

What Are Some Signs That You Need to Replace or Repair Your Toilet’s Wax Sealing?

Toilet RepairToilet wax sealing is what gives your toilet a soft surface to sit on, instead of sitting directly on the hard drain pipe that is connected to the bottom of the fixture. When it comes to wax sealing, especially on a toilet that is located on a business property, it is important to be mindful of problem signs that point to immediate repair or replacement.

One of the first signs to look for is a foul odor, often similar to the smell of sewage. The wax ring is what keeps odors from rising from the sewer line into your property; however, if the wax ring has hardened or is broken and no longer keeping an airtight seal, foul smells can begin to rise.

Another problem sign to look out for is leaking around the bottom of the toilet that results in puddles. The wax ring keeps water from coming out of the sewer line, and if the ring breaks, leaks can occur.

If the toilet wobbles, the flange is likely broken and will need to be replaced. Any time the flange is replaced, the wax ring must also be replaced.

When is it Necessary to Rebuild Your Fixtures?

There are several different instances where we recommend a toilet rebuild.

This service is necessary when the toilet seems to constantly run. In some cases, it will run, then stop running, then run again. There is also a problem if there is leaking between the toilet tank and the toilet bowl.

A major toilet rebuild is recommended when everything inside the tank needs to be replaced and rebuilt for use. This is often the case when several components are not working properly.

A minor toilet rebuild is performed if only one or two components need to be replaced.

What Other Common Problems do We Help Solve?

Toilet RepairTake a look at other toilet problems we handle for our customers:

Weak flush: This is often caused by hard water deposits located in the jet hole. Another cause involves the swirl holes not being angled correctly.

Drop in water level: Another common toilet problem is when the water level in the bowl drops. This is often caused by a clog that is syphoning the water out of the bowl, or a crack in the bowl that is slowly letting water out.

Slow filling tank: This problem is caused by restricted water flow from a valve being partially turned off.

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