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A commercial slab leak in Charlotte, NC, or the surrounding areas, can be every business owners nightmare. They can go undetected for a substantial amount of time and cause serious damage to your property and the things inside of it. While there are some signs that can indicate a slab leak, leaving the repair solutions to a professional is always the best course of action. At AAA City Plumbing we offer industry leading slab leak repair services that will get your commercial property up and running in no time.

What is a Slab Leak?

Many structures today, whether residential or commercial, are built on top of a concrete slab sitting on the ground. The water pipes and plumbing systems of these slab construction buildings are typically placed underneath the slab. When a plumbing issue strikes such as a burst pipe or a water leak, this water is released under the slab. It can result in foundational damage and higher than usual water bills. When this occurs, you are left with what is called a  slab leak.

What Causes Slab Leaks?

Slab Leak RepairA slab leak can occur for a variety of reasons. Copper piping is a high quality material that is commonly used for bringing water into structures, but it has its weaknesses. Temperature changes, as when running hot water, will cause the metal to expand and contract. If there are rocks or other sharp objects in contact with the pipe, this movement can cause the pipe to be punctured. Other types of movement such as constant heavy traffic nearby or even seismic activity can result in a leak.

Other causes of slab leaks include the soil the pipes reside in and the water that flows through them. Corrosion can destroy even the highest quality copper pipes over time. Problems with installation, such as kinks or sharp bends, weaken the pipes and predispose them to future leaks. No matter what the cause of the slab leak may be, once you are suffering from a slab leak it is important to get professional services.

How can a Slab Leak Affect Your Business?

A slab leak occurs out of sight, making it easy to ignore. Left unrepaired, however, the problem will affect your business in ways both small and large. The first thing you might notice about a slab leak is an increased water bill when water usage has otherwise remained the same. If the leaking pipe is from the water heater, you may feel warm spots where the hot water is pooling underneath the slab, and you will not have as much hot water as is usually available when you attempt to use it. Wet spots where water is seeping in through cracks or fissures in your floors can be dangerous for employees and customers. Mold in carpets and walls is a health hazard. In some instances depending on the severity of the water leak, you may be forced to close business for repairs and inspections.

How are Slab Leaks Repaired?

Slab Leak RepairBefore a slab leak can be repaired it must be located. At AAA City Plumbing, our skilled technicians have the tools and experience to pinpoint slab leaks precisely. Once the location is known, a repair plan can be implemented. If the leak is near the edge of the building, it might be possible to reach the leak from outside the building. Occasionally leaks can be stopped by flushing a sealant through the pipes. In some cases, the leaking pipe is disconnected and replaced by running new pipe through the walls or ceiling, but this option is not available in some commercial buildings. Most often, the leak must be accessed directly through the slab.

AAA City Plumbing Commercial Slab Leak Repairs

Repairing slab leaks in commercial buildings sometimes involves working with several parties including business owners, property managers, and insurance adjusters. We have the knowledge and experience to determine how best to fix the leaks, while coordinating our efforts with everyone involved so that there is minimal disruption of business.

If you suspect a leak in your commercial building, it needs to be fixed right away. The sooner the problem is identified and repaired, the less damage it will cause. We at AAA City Plumbing guarantee the quality of our work and your satisfaction with the repair process. No matter how severe the slab leak is or where it is located, you can rest assured knowing that our technicians have got you covered.

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