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Not only are grease traps a needed addition in your commercial kitchen, they are required by law to have. There are regulations on the size and maintenance needed to upkeep your grease traps. Trying to maintain the grease trap yourself can be tricky and even hazardous. It’s best to hire a professional to handle all your grease trap needs. Contact AAA City Plumbing for your commercial plumbing needs and rest assured you are in good hands.

What Does a Grease Trap Do?

Commercial Grease Trap ServicesIn a commercial kitchen there is a lot of waste and running water constantly. As dishes are washed, sinks are used, waste is flushed down as well. Fats, oils and grease, referred to as FOG, gets washed down and a grease trap does just that, traps the grease! The grease trap works with your plumbing system to trap these harmful toxins before entering the main sewer line. As the wastewater enters the system it first passes through the grease trap. The fats, oils, grease and food solids are kept within the grease trap and the water is forced through. As the wastewater cools the FOG hardens and it settles to the bottom along with the food solids. With time the grease trap gets more and more full. There are two types of grease traps. One is installed within the establishment alongside the current plumbing. The other is an outside, underground grease trap. The outside one is most commonly used within establishments because it is larger allowing for more usage and less often maintenance.

Why You NEED a Grease Trap

It is required by law! In most states it is illegal to allow FOG to travel into the main sewer system leading to a hefty fine. The FOG can build up over time causing blockage, which can then lead to backup and then flooding. The last thing you want in your kitchen is dirty wastewater backing up causing a health hazard. If the FOG is released into the main city sewer lines it can cause blockage there as well. This will then affect surrounding areas, and result in you being fined. If you are starting a new business, you must hire a professional to install your grease trap. They will know the appropriate size (there is a complex formula to determine such a thing) and also install it properly. An improperly installed grease trap can lead to quite the headache.

Grease Trap Maintenance

aaa city plumbing septic pump truck - Rock Hill & CharlotteChron tells us it is a requirement to have your grease trap emptied and cleaned when the grease sludge is at 25% capacity of the grease trap. It’s hard to measure this yourself, a professional will have the necessary tools to assess your grease trap. Your professional plumber will also be up to date on city/county ordinances in regards to grease traps. Ask them for the rules and advice! On average, it’s recommended to have the grease trap pumped and cleaned every one to three months. If you find it’s filling up and having to be pumped frequently, you may need a larger grease trap to fully handle your kitchen’s waste. A professional will help advise you on the appropriate size you will need. If you notice a foul odor that you can’t track to its source, it very well could be your grease trap. A professional will also be able to take apart, empty and clean your grease trap. Having a pro do it will let you have peace of mind knowing it was done properly, helping you avoid any health hazards or fines. Food Grease Trappers advises on some things you can do to help reduce the use of your grease trap:

  • Scrape before you wash. Do your best to reduce the amount of waste that goes down the drain.
  • Don’t overuse your garbage disposal. We know it’s tempting, but not only can it further clog up your grease trap and sewer lines, it reduces the life of your garbage disposal as well.
  • Keep up on regular maintenance. Talk with your professional plumber and get a maintenance plan put in place. Then follow the plan to ensure proper care.
  • Dispose of grease and oil in a marked container and then dispose of it properly yourself. Don’t ever dump just grease or oil down your drain. This is asking for your piping to get clogged!
  • Plan for spills. In the case of an oil spill, have a plan put in place to help avoid washing these down the drain.

Why You Should Hire AAA City Plumbing

AAA City Plumbing has been established since 1994, we have the experience needed to take care of all your plumbing needs. We are licensed, bonded and insured with only the best of the best plumbers employed. We are open 6 days a week along with availability for emergency services at all hours of the day. When it comes to your livelihood and the plumbing involved, you want to have someone you can trust. AAA City Plumbing can provide you with peace of mind knowing your plumbing needs are in good hands. Our mission statement is “Your Plumber for life”. We ensure this is true by providing you with safe, effective and high-quality services. Contact us today to get started on your grease trap maintenance. We can also install and replace your grease trap!

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