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Looking for reliable Charlotte commercial faucet, fixture, and sink repair experts? Contact AAA City Plumbing for immediate service. We have been serving businesses and commercial properties since 1994.

How Can Hard Water Affect the Quality of Your Fixtures?

Water FiltrationDo you run a restaurant, hotel, or other food or hospitality business? You know how important water quality is for your guests. Untreated hard water can cause calcium and lime to build up in your faucet and pipes. This can lead to significant clogging problems.

If you have a leaking faucet, hard water stains can appear on your sink. These stains are difficult to get rid of. Let us help you replace or upgrade deteriorating faucets and sinks, so you can continue to make a good impression on your customers and guests. We also recommend installing a water softener system if you have hard water problems. Contact us for more information.

Need to Replace Your Faucet or Sink?

Are you experiencing recurring leaks or hard water problems? It may be more cost-effective to replace your entire faucet. A new faucet is also a good choice if you are remodeling your restroom or commercial kitchen. Choose the style or finish that suits your taste, and we will do the rest. Let us help you replace your old faucet with a newer and more efficient one.

If a hard water stain stays on a surface long enough, it may become permanent. If you have a hard water stain on your sink, you may want to consider installing a new sink as well.

How Can You Avoid Leaks in the Future?

Great Customer ServiceWe recommend setting up a water filtration system to help eliminate lime and calcium buildup that can cause leaks and clogged drains. In addition, make sure that your faucet washer is installed correctly; if not, it will leak.

Installing quality units also helps prevent problems such as leaking and provides reliable service for years to come. Let us help you choose the ideal units for your needs and budget.

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