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If you are a business owner in Charlotte, NC, or the surrounding areas, then you know that backflow testing and certification are must-have procedures needed to maintain your building’s codes, and should be performed by a professional plumbing technician at least once a year. In order to prevent backflow, you will need to set up a solid backflow prevention program plan, in conjunction with backflow prevention devices, where needed, in order to maintain these codes. At AAA City Plumbing, we specialize in backflow testing and certification so that you can have the peace of mind that cross-contamination will not occur within your commercial drinking water system.

What Is Backflow And Where Does It Occur?

Backflow is the unfortunate reversal of normal flowing drinking water. Backflow can occur in cross-connected plumbing systems that build a higher pressure than that provided by your water main lines. The two most common types of backflow situation are back-pressure and back-siphonage.

Backflow CertificationBack-siphonage is the result of a hose, pipe, or faucet, being submerged past the highest level of overflow. This can occur at any location capable of holding liquid such as a utility drain or floor sink. If an inlet is submerged while there is running water, and negative pressure takes place within a drinking water system, the liquid that it is submerged in gets pulled back through your water system’s inlet, leading to a cross connection called a “submerged inlet.”

The most common types of submerged inlets are:

  • A hose placed inside of a soapy bucket of water.
  • A water supply line with its inlet placed inside of a plating tank.
  • A recharge line dedicated to water softener that’s submerged inside of a floor drain.
  • A chemical sprayer that’s connected to a hose.
  • A water supply line directed toward a lawn’s irrigation system.

Back pressure leads to backflow through means of a direct cross-connected system which are capable of generating pressure that is higher than the pressure on your water system. Once the pressure becomes too strong for your drinking water system, any type of fluid found in your cross-connected plumbing system gets forced back inside.

The two most common types of cross-connections are:

  • A water line that’s attached to a separate water supply such as a well.
  • A make-up waterline that’s attached to a boiler.

AAA City Plumbing Backflow Testing

Backflow TestingWith backflow testing, one of our highly trained technicians can attach a test kit to a test port that’s built into your current backflow device to determine if it is in proper working order. If your backflow device has to be repaired, then it must be cleaned prior to the needed repairs. In order to achieve this, we would have to disassemble your current device, clean it out, and then reassemble it after all the necessary repairs have been made. If your current device is beyond repair, due to cracks or excessive exposure to extreme temperatures, this would require that we remove your device, dispose of it, and then replace it with an entirely new device.

Let the experienced technicians at AAA City Plumbing assist you with all of your backflow testing and certification needs! We are highly trained and dedicated to the success of the plumbing systems for all of our commercial customers!

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