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Commercial Gas Line Repairs & Leak Detection Services


Natural gas is a reliable and safe source of energy for heating and other needs. Leaks in gas lines do occur from time to time and professional service is necessary to properly take care of this problem, that if left unchecked can be a safety hazard. For commercial properties in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas, AAA City Plumbing can provide service you can rely on to ensure natural gas leaks are properly resolved.

What Causes Gas Leaks & Where Do They Occur?

Gas leaks can occur indoors or outdoors and have a variety of causes, including damage to the pipe or deterioration of the pipe. For commercial properties this rings the same. Over time, the gas lines throughout the property will break down and crack. When this occurs you can be left with a serious gas leak. Additionally human error can damage a gas line. For example someone running into it or dropping something heavy on it can all result in a serious strain on a gas line. If you find that any of these issues occur in your commercial property, then speak to our expert staff today!

What Are Signs Of A Commercial Gas Leak?

When a natural gas pipe has a leak, there are a number of telltale signs that will let you know what is occurring. Natural gas is odorless on its own, but gas companies place additives in the gas to provide a smell. This helps property owners know when they have leaks in their gas lines. If you detect an inexplicable rotting eggs smell in your commercial property, give AAA City Plumbing a call to perform an inspection.

Smell is not the only indicator of a gas leak, however. A blowing or hissing sound in an area where you know a pipe is present can also indicate a leak. If you’re outside and see discolored or dead vegetation in an otherwise green area near where a pipe runs, this may also indicate a natural gas leak.

How Can A Gas Leak Affect Your Business?

If you suspect your property has a natural gas leak, it is well worth your while to call in a professional to perform an inspection. Natural gas leaks can be costly in terms of higher gas bills as some of the gas flowing to your business is wasted. They can also be dangerous, as natural gas is flammable and a build-up of the gas could result in an explosion. Excessive gas can also be an inhalation hazard. If you suspect a natural gas leak, leave the area immediately and call for professional help. Additionally, be sure to refrain from using any electrical appliances or anything that could make a flame or spark near the possible leak.

AAA City Plumbing Gas Leak Detection & Repair Services

When you call professionals to inspect potential gas leaks, they have a variety of methods they can use to detect the problem and its severity. One common way to detect gas leaks is by using ultrasonic devices. Most gas leaks occur at 25 kHz to 10 MHz, so an ultrasonic device can easily detect a gas leak and its location. There are a variety of other devices professionals can use to detect leaks, including electrotechnical devices and infrared imaging. It is highly inadvisable to try to find the source of the leak and fix it on your own, as most people lack the training and equipment to properly locate and fix natural gas leaks.

If you think you may have a gas leak, take the time to call AAA City Plumbing. We will respond quickly to your call, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that the problem is being dealt with by skilled professionals with the right tools and experience for the job.

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