Charlotte Portable Toilets

Charlotte Portable Toilets

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We wouldn’t really suggest sitting on the toilet for excessive amounts of time but our clean portable toilets with plenty of toilet paper might make you wanna hang out a bit longer. One of the top comments we get from our repeat clients is that our toilets are truly maintained each week and they always have plenty of necessities.

There is nothing worse than sitting down and realizing there is no toilet paper……..ugggggg I hate that feeling. And worse in a portable toilet you cant ask your neighbor to share! The moral of the story is first things first, make sure that your toilet has plenty of paper, (Ours do). Second demand a clean portable toilet, (Our portable toilets are clean).

Porta Can outdoor toilets are cleaned weekly and restocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer. We also use essential oils while cleaning the portable toilets and each toilet is cleaned and disinfected weekly with grade A disinfectant. Clean portable toilets are TOP priority.

We also offer portable toilets for construction units and event units.

Scheduling online and online payment are available.

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