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Boiler Repair Services

Is your boiler failing to heat your home? Call AAA City Plumbing at (704) 766-8895 to work with your Charlotte boiler repair experts. Click here to save on your next service call using our online deals and coupons.

Over time, many of our customers have boiler issues ranging from simple repair problems to issues during installation. While using a professional company is always the best choice for these services, some customers may attempt to repair these problems themselves. If your home is in Charlotte, NC, or the surrounding areas, then our technicians are available 24/7 to perform these services for you. Our technicians are boiler experts and can get your system up and running in no time! Don’t take our word for it. See what our past customers have to say here!

What Are Common Boiler Issues?

Most boiler problems can be handled without hiring a professional, and others will require the services of a skilled technician. When the problem is challenging, always hire a reputable technicians from AAA City Plumbing.

No hot water or heat – This may be caused by a broken airlock or diaphragms, inefficient motorized valves, low water levels, or problems with the thermostat.

Leaking or dripping – This is another common boiler issue. Leaking or dripping can stem from old or rusted boilers which in turn crack and leak water.

Whistling, banging, or gurgling noises – When these noises are present in your boiler, the problem involves air in the system. Additionally, there can be low water pressure in the system.

What Are the Benefits to Hiring a Professional for Boiler Installation Services?

Hiring a professional technician during an installation task is important. Many homeowners purchase the best boilers, but they fail to hire an installation service. This is not recommended because the boiler may not function properly if improperly installed. Knowledge is required when shopping for a boiler and during installation. A skilled technician understands how to install a boiler efficiently.

An important part of the installation process involves sizing the boiler. An undersized boiler won’t provide the best results. The boiler will not reach the proper temperatures, and it will be under too much pressure when it tries the reach certain temperatures. An oversize boiler is not better. An oversized boiler will heat the home, but it will have a short cycle often. The boiler will slowly wear or tear. Over time, the efficiency will decrease, and this will damage the boiler.

AAA City Plumbing Replacement & Repairs

Boilers are durable and provide years of use. Over time, however, boilers will either require repairs or replacements; depending on the severity of the issue. When a boiler needs replacement, hiring a professional technician is recommended. A professional provides useful advice about replacement option including how to properly size your boiler, efficient installation services, and guarantees on services.

When considering boiler service and repair options, homeowners must make confident decisions. A skilled professional boiler technician helps homeowners make the best choices. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect the unit and determine the source of the issue. Once identified we will provide you with the best possible solution that is efficient and affordable.

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