Regardless the size of a leak that you detect in your home, it is important that you find the source and make the repair immediately. While you may only see a small drip in one location of the house, it could be leaking from further away and simply spreading behind enclosed areas more rapidly. Rather than wait for a ceiling or wall to collapse around you, the time to make the necessary repairs is the minute to identify the leak. We can help with our plumbing services.

Why is it Important to Fix a Leak Issue?

Depending where the leak is coming from, it could be a much more significant issue than you are aware of. The leak might appear small where you find it, but if a pipe has broken several feet behind the wall, it could appear the only be dripping in one location while it is soaking the insulation and sheet rock in another. To prevent damage from spreading, the leak needs to be located and repaired immediately. That way no further damage to areas that you can not see will occur.

Can a Leak Cause Damage if Ignored?

The simple answer to this question is an astounding yes. The leak could have already saturated a wall or insulation, and now the excess water is what you see as a leak. The longer the water is allowed to accumulate in that location, the more damage it will cause.

During warm seasons, that free standing water is going to lead to the growth of mold that you might not see until it is too late. Each day this issue is allowed to commence, that black mold is growing and causing a significant health risk to anyone inside the house. Family members with respiratory issues are at added risk from exposure to black mold.

Should I Call a Professional Plumber?

The leak is often much harder to locate than first thought. Water will continue to travel to the lowest point, meaning it could be dripping from a pipe in the ceiling and simply traveling the outside of a pipe to the location behind the walls where you found it.

Your local plumbing company have the tools and experience to quickly determine where that source of the leak is coming from. Once they have locating the problem, they can quickly make the repair and eliminate that leaking section of pipe. The plumbing company will then inspect the system with pressurized tools to confirm the leak has been repaired.

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