When you are building a house or remodeling a bathroom, you want things installed correctly the first time. We all know the frustration that occurs when you think something is correctly installed, and then when you try to use it, it leaks or does not work properly. You want to pull your hair out, especially if a lot of time and/or money has been spent on this project. If you choose Charlotte-based AAA City Plumbing to install your plumbing fixtures, it will be done correctly and efficiently the first time.

Remodeling and Installation

When you remodel a bathroom, it takes time and money. AAA City Plumbing is the place to go if you are trying to keep a budget and still have a great looking bathroom. In order to get the bathroom you would like, you may want to move the water supply and waste water lines to accommodate your new vanity with different sinks or a new tub, shower, or toilet. A licensed, bonded, and insured plumber can save you money. AAA City Plumbing has the proper knowledge and tools to complete the work correctly and efficiently the first time.

AAA City Plumbing can install contemporary design trends or fit your bathroom like a spa or enclosed tub. If you like vintage styles, they can arrange the design and fixtures. They can help remodel a bathroom for an older person, or someone with special needs. They are also willing to visit your home to see what would work best as well as discuss the plans you are making for the bathroom. They can also discuss budget options and utilization tips for your space.

When you are remodeling, you have the opportunity to renovate many outdated fixtures that may be costing you money. This also give AAA City Plumbing an opportunity to check your plumbing system, making sure everything is correctly installed and working efficiently.

If you are not looking to remodel your entire bathroom and would just like to repair your shower or tub, AAA City Plumbing can do that as well. If you do see a small puddle of water around the bathtub every time you fill it, there may be a crack in the tub or the pipes that fill the tub, and you may want to consider replacing the whole unit. AAA City Plumbing wants to make sure you are satisfied with your bathroom and enjoy the efficient fixtures.

Burst Pipes

If you have noticed your bathtub leaking, and it is not because of the tub, there may be a problem with the pipes. If there is a burst pipe, AAA City Plumbing wants to help you fix it. A burst pipe can result in gallons of water pouring into your home. AAA City Plumbing offers expert burst pipe repair services whenever you need them. It is classified as a plumbing emergency and the Charlotte-based plumber can guarantee that someone will be available to serve you whenever you need. A burst pipe is a rare occurrence, but it can occur when you least expect it. It can be caused by various common issues. Usually pipes burst due to cold, winter weather. As the temperature drops, the water in the pipes can freeze. When the water freezes, it expands, and causes the pipe to burst. When the pipe bursts, your home may fill with water in some rooms, flooding your carpet and belongings. A pipe can also burst due to invasive tree roots. The roots can expand into the pipes and eventually cause them to crack and burst. Similarly, excessive pressure in a pipe from being clogged can also cause it to burst. Once a pipe is burst, however, it needs to be taken care of right away to avoid serious damage to your home.

How can you prevent burst pipes? Performing preventative maintenance is the best way to avert it. Regular cleanings and inspections can keep homeowners, like yourself, aware of any plumbing issues that may be affecting your home. If you also find that the water pressure in your home is low, pipes are noisy, or your bill is higher than usual, call AAA City Plumbing, a great plumbing service in Charlotte. They have several years of experience with handling bursting pipes. They are available for emergency services six days a week and their goal is to ensure they get the problem resolved for you as soon as possible. Their technicians are highly trained and will be able to master the job for you. The representatives at AAA City Plumbing are willing to work with you and offer affordable rates. They also offer coupons for many different services on their website.

If you, or someone you know, is suffering from late plumbers, or inefficient work, give AAA City Plumbing a call. You can reach them at (704) 766-8895, or request a service here.

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