Should I use drain cleaning solutions to unclog my drain?

Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions to Unclog Your Drain


Charlotte PlumberChemical drain cleaning solutions are touted as being good for fixing all kinds of drain clogging problems, but they do not work as well as companies’ say they do. In most situations, when a person uses a drain cleaning solutions, they will always have to use it again, because drain cleaning solutions are not designed to provide permanent fixes to drain clogging problems. They are meant to offer people temporary fixes until they are able to get plumbers to come in and permanently fix their problems. If a person does not have their drain clogging problem fixed by a plumber, they can end up spending thousands of dollars paying for drain cleaning solutions.

If a person keeps on using drain cleaning solution, the acid inside of the solution will wear down their pipes, and it will damage the surface of anything that it splashes on while a person is pouring it down a pipe. The acid inside of chemical drain cleaner is powerful, so if a person feels the need to keep using it, they are much better off calling a professional plumber to help them out.

People who have gotten into the habit of constantly using chemical drain cleaners cause harm to the environment every time they pour the solutions down their drains. Most sea life is not biologically adapted enough to be able to survive contact with drain cleaning solution, so they are easily killed when they come into contact with it. The more chemicals people pour down their drains the worse it is for the creatures living in the oceans.

If a person uses an excessive amount of drain cleaner, they will notice that it makes them feel sick. The reason this happens, is because just like the creatures in the sea, humans are also not biologically adapted to be able to come into contact with drain cleaner and not be adversely affected by it. The chemicals that are inside of drain cleaner can cause a person to get nausea and headaches when they breathe in the fumes from it, and if they spill any of it on their skin, it can cause skin irritation and sometimes burns.

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