Charlotte Toilet Repair

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AAA City Plumbing guarantees quality toilet repair, no matter the problem. We are your Charlotte toilet repair company, providing comprehensive solutions to your most urgent problem. Whether you need to replace your toilet wax sealing, rebuild your unit, or take care of flushing or leaking issues, our local plumbers have you covered. See what your neighbors are saying about our services here.

Need to repair or replace your toilet’s wax sealing?

The wax sealing at the base of your toilet prevents moisture from leaking onto floors and drywall. While wax sealing material is highly durable, it can degrade over time and lead to water damage in your bathroom.

Problems you may notice from weakened wax sealing:

  • Leaks from the toilet that drip slowly through rugs and cause damage to underlying structures, including ceilings; in some cases, you may notice water drops on the ceiling located beneath the toilet
  • Damaged insulation and electrical wiring inside the walls
  • Musty odor indicating mold and mildew growth

We can help you avoid these problems with professional wax sealing repairs or replacements. Contact us today to schedule your immediate appointment.

When is a rebuild necessary?

Let us help you with toilet rebuilds. This is necessary if parts inside the tank are worn or broken. A rebuild will ensure that your toilet continues to flush properly without creating flooding problems.

What is the difference between major and minor toilet rebuilds? A major rebuild is recommended if we need to remove your toilet from the floor to disconnect the pipes. Minor rebuilding repairs are less labor intensive because we do not need to remove the toilet to reach the affected parts (usually the flush lever or flapper).

What are other common toilet problems?

At AAA City Plumbing, we help you solve other toilet and bathroom plumbing problems as well:

  • Clog or blockage farther in your sewer line
  • Issues with flushing, including failure to flush or poor flush action (these often require a new lever or internal component replacements)
  • Water levels that are too high or too low in the toilet bowl (this is often caused by worn or improperly installed components in the tank)

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