Should I have a plumbing inspection done on my new home?

Benefits of Plumbing Inspections for New Homeowners

Charlotte PlumberWhen someone buys a new house, the expectation is that everything will be new and in good order, that is frequently not the case. Sometimes new construction means use of inferior materials or incorrect installation by builders not trained in plumbing specialties.

All problems should be diagnosed and addressed with the seller or realtor early in the home sale procedure, before making an offer or closing the sale. While many new homes come with construction warranties, problems involving poor plumbing installation may take a long time to show up leaving the home-owner out of pocket for later repair. Causes may be hidden or subtle.

Often the new homeowner finds leaky faucets. Leaks in faucets or pipe joints can cause serious water damage to surfaces and floors. Leaks drive up water bills and cause annoy noises. Clogged toilets can be caused by foreign objects jammed in pipes or toilet basins. If a plunger does not solve the problem, a plumber’s snake or special tools may be needed. Slow draining in sinks can be a sign of clogged pipes or poor installation along the line.

In new construction, a plumbing inspector will examine the system to make sure the installations are within legal guidelines. The inspector checks fixtures, faucets, pipes and lines, traps and vents throughout the structure. The inspector may also check the credentials of the workers who did the plumbing installations to make sure they are properly licensed. The inspector will check the quality of materials and joints to prevent future failure. If the home fails to meet legal standards, the inspector can cite the builder to ensure problems are duly fixed.

A plumbing inspector is a licensed plumber with a journeyman or master-level plumbing license who obtains additional specialized training and experience leading to special certification depending on local government standards. Plumbing inspections vary in cost. Some inspectors will do a visual inspection for under $100 with additional charges for written reports and consulting.

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