How Long Does a Bathroom Repipe Take?

How Much Time Does It Take To Repipe A Bathroom?


RepipingRemodeling a bathroom often means reworking the existing plumbing. If any new fixtures are added, then repiping may be necessary. However, the timeframe for any repiping is based on the amount work that is needed and many other factors. Review the aspects that are common when repiping a bathroom.


The demolition of the bathroom is the first step before any repiping can take place. This can take a day or more based on the time available for the work. One thing to keep in mind is the work may involve a full take down to only replacing a few fixtures. Demolition generally involves removing the drywall to access all the plumbing that needs to be repiped.


Copper is the most common type of material used for water lines in a bathroom The drains for the sink and tub will generally be PVC. However, older bathroom may have water lines that are galvanized and should be replaced with newer materials. One newer option is to replace existing water lines with PEX tubing. This is a flexible material that can be installed by a plumber in a few hours.


The installation of new water lines in a bathroom often involves the use of brass valves for a sink with a metal shut off valve for the toilet. Teflon tape is used to seal all the joints. The process of adding new valves is not difficult and can be done by an experienced plumber in under an hour.

Bathtubs and Showers

A new bathroom or shower is often added when a bathroom is remodeled. This is a process which may take a few hours to complete due to the steps that are necessary. If a customer installation is needed for an updated bathroom, then there is a liner and drain connection that is needed. Another option that can be installed is a tub and surround. This can often be done in less than two hours.


The toilet in a bathroom is one of the last fixtures that will be installed. This is also an easy item for an experienced plumber to install. A toilet and all connections can be done in about one-half an hour.

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