Should I hire a plumber to remodel a kitchen?

Should I hire a plumber to remodel a kitchen?


Kitchen RemodelingThere are some serious considerations when it comes to hiring a professional plumber. There are several levels of expertise with plumbers, as with most trade that are licensed. Beginning tradesman will be apprenticed. Journeymen and master plumbers are the highest level. Master plumbers will have to be licensed by an official government agency. Apprentices and journeymen can still work in homes, but in most jurisdictions, the work will have to be supervised by a master plumber. This does not mean a master plumber will be present. It means that the master plumber will be held accountable for the work. Therefore, master plumbers rarely use this process with people who are not trustworthy. It is recommended to only use a master plumber in remodeling any part of the home.

The homeowner should retain their license information, and do an extensive backgrounds check. It is also a good idea to get plumbers that are experienced in the tasks that are to be appropriated to them. Experience will cause some plumbers to begin to specialize in some specific areas. Hiring a plumber this way, will allow the homeowner to have a plumber that can bring their expertise into the designing phase.

If possible, master plumbers should familiarize themselves with the plumbing that is present before the design process. They can point out flaws in the design and give various pricing information for prospective design ideas. This will allow the designer and homeowner to create feasible plans that are within the correct budget parameters. It is important to have the smallest amount of surprise problems and expense as possible. Having the plumber pre inspect the home will be effective in keeping within a budget. The homeowner should use this information and create a scope of services for the plumber. This will allow everyone in the process to understand his or her responsibilities. This is important because some trades overlap. These overlapping areas can be hard to assess in the planning stages, therefore, if every tradesman has a scope of services, this problem can be addressed. Finally, have a signed, comprehensive contract with a payment schedule with the scope of services attached.

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