Why should I hire a plumber for home projects?

DIY Plumbing Projects You Are Better Off Leaving To A Professional Plumber


Charlotte PlumberIn the era of HGTV and other DYI television programs, consumers are often goaded into feeling they can take on some of those needed plumbing repairs. But not so fast, DYIers, beware! Before you start that repair job be sure you have the correct skills and more importantly the right tools to get the job done. Quite often improper preparation can be costly both in time, effort and expense. This is why it is a better alternative to hire a professional plumber.

According to Popular Mechanics, there are four basic skills all DYIers should be comfortable with before tackling any of plumbing repair jobs. These skills include:

1) Knowing where all shut off valves are. Even if you are just adjusting a toilet seat you should know where the valves are so that you know you are in control. Most importantly, however, Popular Mechanics suggest knowing where the main house shutoff is. Usually located where the water line enters the house is essential information.

2) Sweating Copper Pipes is the next essential skill DYIers need to tackle most home plumbing repair jobs. Understanding the workings of solder, flux and the torch will make most jobs an easy fix.

3) However; the most important skill is Understanding Your House, such as the plumbing system as a whole, basic concept of plumbing including vent pipes, drain lines, pitch of waste pipe. The more you understand plumbing concepts the better you are able to troubleshoot keeping problems to a minimum.

4) Finally, Popular Mechanics suggests that you start with a complete toolbox that includes a complete set of plumbing tools. The suggested plumbing tools include; a Propane Torch, Tongue –and –grove Pliers, Hacksaw, Metal file, Basin Wrench, Pipe Wrench, Hand Auger, Adjustable Wrench, Tubing cutter, Plunger, Closet Auger, and a Fire- Resistant Cloth. These items may be pricey but DYI projects should not be started without these basic tools.

To decrease problems with most home repairs the right tools makes all the difference in the success or failure of your project. Popular Mechanics further suggest if you are not comfortable with the plumbing basics or do not have the proper tools a plumbing professional is the wisest choice.

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