Why Is My Faucet Dripping?

What causes my faucets to drip?


Faucet RepairWhen the family cannot sleep at night, there may be more than one reason why, even though some of their problems are more common than others. One of which is having a dripping faucet that will not stop. Regardless to the situation, until it is repaired, everyone including the dog can be annoyed by the constant and steady dripping noise. Before the problem can be repaired, the cause of the leak will need to be identified.

Fortunately, these problems may be narrowed down to at least one of three common causes and they include the following:

Damaged Parts

Many times a homeowner may try to ignore the problem until they have the money and time to make the repairs. However, before the owner delays fixing it, they should check the faucet for damaged parts, especially since it is one of the top reasons for having a leaky faucet. For instance, if it is a steady drip that will not go away, its normally caused by a broken washer that will need to be replaced. For some people, this is an easy fix because all they need are the tools and the washer to make the repairs.

Broken Plumbing

Though a plumber may check broken plumbing as one of the causes, this may be one of the last considerations for the leak. However, if the pipes are broken or do not fit properly it normally results in a problem with the water pressure. Therefore, if the owner has not found the cause after checking the faucet for broken parts, they may want to contact a plumber to inspect the pipes.

Old Cartridge that Needs to Be Replaced

Sometimes the homeowner will inspect the leaky faucet for the problem that the family is experiencing and will find the trouble to be in the cartridge itself. The solution to this situation is relatively easy. However, the person who makes these repairs will need to secure a matching cartridge that can fit into the gap that has been left by the original faucet. To find the right size, the person will need to measure the area for the sizing.

There are many reasons for having a leaky faucet. Some of these reasons are more common than others and they are damaged parts, broken pipes or an old cartridge that needs to be replaced.

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