3 Reasons to Invest in a Bathroom Remodel

The Guaranteed Benefits of Remodeling Your Bathroom


Charlotte PlumberWhen it comes right down to it, homeowners will want to make their dream bathroom a reality. Not only is at aesthetically pleasing, but it can carry a great many benefits for your home. These benefits will include added value, safety upgrades, efficiency of remodeling your bathroom. Below, we will go in depth as to how these benefits can help.

Added Value – One of the most important benefits to a bathroom remodel is the value it can have on your home. More often than not a bathroom remodel will come with new fixtures, modern design, and even more efficient plumbing. This can all translate into added value for your home should you choose to sell. Our experts will be able to help you choose the best fixtures that work within your budget and style. This can lead to energy efficient plumbing and other modern technologies, which will continue to add value for years to come.

Bathroom RemodelingSafety Upgrade – Another benefit of a bathroom remodel is the safety upgrades you can have installed. In some homes there may be elderly or handicapped residents. With a bathroom remodel, it can be the perfect time to install wheelchair accessible showers, railings for support, chairs for elderly, and much more. You can speak to our professionals to have something installed custom to accommodate any type of disability or handicap. We understand how important this can be to you which is why we will always do our best to make your bathroom as efficient as possible.

Efficiency – While the above-mentioned benefits can be wonderful, another more practical benefit is the added efficiency. In most cases, plumbing will need to be inspected when it comes time to remodel. This will be a great time for our staff to find any plumbing issues that may exist in your bathroom. Additionally, with the new fixtures, you can enjoy the fact that you will have added water pressure and much more. Some modern fixtures come with many energy efficient benefits that can all translate into comfort and savings for your home year round.

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5 Water Heater Maintenance Tips to Lower Your Energy Bill

Learn How Water Heater Maintenance Can Help You Save Money


Water Heater MaintenanceRegardless of who we are we all want to do our best in order to reduce the amount of energy that we are using in the home. We realize that the more energy that we use in the home, the more of damage that we are doing to the environment. One of the biggest energy users in the house is the hot water heater. There are five things that a person can do in order to reduce the amount of energy that their water heater uses.

1. The first thing that we can do in order to reduce the water heater’s energy is to insulate the water heater. Many people do not realize that by insulating their water heater, their water is able to stay warmer over a longer period of time and since that is the case, there is a lot less energy that is needed to reheat the water.

2. Getting a new water heater is the next thing that needs to be done in order to conserve energy. Many people do not like to have to get new things when it comes to the home, but in reality many homes are not using the appropriate water heater for their needs. If it is a home that has many people living in it they need to get a water heater that is the correct size for the amount of people using it, and that also is the correct type. By getting the correct water heater for a home, a person can avoid overusing their water heater and they can get the correct heater for their families needs.

Water Heater3. Adjust the water temperature. Many people may have their water heater temperature setting all the way up to hundred and 120° that is generally a lot hotter than a family may need. By just adjusting the water heater to 100° a family is able to reduce the amount of energy that they are using on the water heater.

4. The next thing that is good to do is to get an upgraded water heater. Many people just use the heater that is already in their home, but it may be a good idea to get a new type of water heater. Some people use electric water heaters, but tankless units are quite often a better option. They generate heat when it is on demand instead of having the heated water stored, as happens with an electric water heaters.

5. Maintenance is the best way to keep up with the water heater. When a family maintains the water heater it means that it is working to its full capacity and in that way it is using a lot less energy. Regular maintenance is the best way to keep the water heater working and a family should make sure to get their water heater inspected once every year.

Even though the water heater is just one thing that uses energy in the house, by making small adjustments to the use of a water heater a family is sure to lower the amount of energy that they are wasting and in turn they are doing something good for themselves and the environment.

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Is Your Home Really Helping Your Health?

Importance of a Plumbing Inspection


Plumbing InspectionIf you’re in the market for a new home, you know that having a plumbing inspection performed is one of the most important things you can do before finalizing your purchase. Many buyers consider inspections to be a matter of formality, or assume they have enough DIY knowledge to spot any serious issues that they could be stuck with after purchase. One of the fundamental elements of an inspection is the plumbing, and contrary to what the average buyer might think, a self-inspection isn’t a good solution, potentially leading to financial trouble down the line.

When looking at plumbing issues as a layman, you may not see underlying causes that contribute to visible issues around the home. Many plumbing problems can be tied to issues that only a professional with the appropriate equipment can diagnose and address. Think of it like the cardiovascular system of your home – would you be comfortable trying to diagnose a potentially serious medical issue on yourself or a friend? It’s the same concern with your plumbing. Bad pressure is just like bad blood circulation – there are countless reasons why it could occur – can you name all of them?

Charlotte PlumberAnother way to look at plumbing inspection and repair is to consider what kind of trouble a DIY repair could cause. What may appear to be a simple patch or a quick bit of preventative maintenance can lead to costly and time consuming repairs, and could potentially contribute to and worsen problems that are yet to become serious.

The growing field of DIY home work and repair can be an excellent way to save money and make a house truly your own. This works great for painting, refinishing a wood floor, or even replacing drywall. There are a few parts of a house that anyone would tell you to hire a professional to deal with, whether it be for the purposes of inspecting, repairing or replacing. Your roof, electrical and plumbing all fall into these categories.

When you’re ready to buy a home, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can inspect your plumbing and take care of any needed repairs yourself. Just like your personal health, your plumbing is a fundamental part of a well-functioning home.

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One Simple Way to Improve Your Health

Health Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration


Whole House Water FiltrationWhole house water filtration is something that has received a lot of attention lately. This is something that many homeowners are exploring as a way to provide a cleaner source of water for the entire family. When a person begins to explore the benefits of entire home filtration, it can help them understand how many benefits can be found by adding this to a home.

Many people find that their water has a funny taste or smell when it comes from a public source. After filtration is added to the home, many people find that they enjoy the taste of the water greatly. This can also eliminate any smells that are present in public drinking water. When the water is free from smells, it can actually help someone to drink more water each day.

Showering is a part of using water that many people do not think much about when it comes to the chemicals that are in public water. Many people find that using a filtrated source for showering can provide much softer hair and skin. This removes the harshness from the water to allow it to be free from chemicals and this is something that many people notice when they use the shower in filtrated water.

Charlotte PlumberThe indoor air quality is something that many people would not associate with the water in their home. Chlorine is a chemical that is found in the public water system. Chlorine can be released into the air and this has been proven in many homes. When a person decides to take control over the water that comes into the home, they may help to improve the air quality in the home.

When washing dishes and even doing laundry with a public water supply, you may be adding chemicals onto your dishes and into your clothing. Water filtration provides filtrated water to complete all of these household tasks each day. This can help someone to know what is going onto their dishes and clothing. They can choose to ensure that harsh chemicals like chlorine are not anywhere in their home with whole house water filtration.

When a person discovers how many great health benefits can be experienced when using a whole house filtration system, this can help them make this important decision in their home. Purchasing bottled water and other filtration systems can be a nuisance, it can be a great relief to have this access in your own home.

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Improve the Sanitary Conditions of Your Home Now!

Why Should I Install a Garbage Disposal? 

Charlotte Garbage DisposalWhile many appliances in your home help you to conserve energy, none offer more benefits than that of the garbage disposal. One of the smallest appliances you can have installed in your home, it will provide you will long lasting benefits that are both good for your wallet and for the earth. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should install a garbage disposal unit in your home.

Saving You Money

One of the reasons having a garbage disposal installed by a professional plumber can benefit you financially is you will not need a plumber repairing clogged drains as often. When our plumbing professionals install a new garbage disposal, the units chop up the debris so small it liquifies. This means those pieces are less likely to become trapped i the drain, resulting in having a plumber come out to do a cleaning or repair.

Benefiting You and the Earth

By using the sink to dispose of the majority of your leftover food, you will be using the trash less too. This means a reduction in garbage bags over the course of a very short time. With the garbage disposal churning up the food and sending it down the drain with the water, you will spend less money each year in garbage bag purchases. With a reduction in garbage bags being used, you can expect less of that plastic to wind up in the landfill as a result. That means the garbage disposal benefits both you and the planet at the same time.

Reduction in Unwanted Pests

When you leave leftover food in the garbage can overnight, you are inviting pests who can smell that rotting food from miles away. The food lies in the garbage can in your kitchen until the bag is full, and then finds its way out to the garbage cans. Depending where you store your outside garbage cans, the more trash that rots away in the can, the more likely you will have raccoons, ants, flies, and other pests seeking out your trash for easy meals. The more garbage that is sent down the sink by way of the garbage disposal, the less likely you will have those pests coming in or around your home.

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De-Stress Yourself!

How can clogged drains affect your mood at home?

Charlotte Drain Cleaning The condition of your home has a definite effect on the mood of the people living there. If you have clogged drains causing water or sewerage to back-up it can make people feel uncomfortable. This is reflected in their moods and how they interact with each other. It can also affect their health. If you feel good then your mood, energy level, and creativity will be better. Therefore if you have a problem with clogs in your drains, give us a call. We will inspect your drains, identify the problem, and repair it. We will also clean your drains and help them to flow properly.

When your drains are clogged, wastewater and sewerage will begin to back-up in the lines and degrade the quality of the air in your home. If this happens, you may notice your family members beginning to develop coughs, colds, and other minor illnesses more frequently. If your clogged drains are left unaddressed for any significant period of time, the health problems your family suffers will become more serious and more debilitating. At the first sign of clogged drains, you should give us a call. Quick action can prevent a minor problem from becoming a major, more expensive, one with grave health repercussions.

Bad smells, dirty water, and family members feeling ill can definitely change the mood in your home. It can bring a dark cloud throughout the household. When someone you love is not feeling well, it depresses your mood. Combine that with bad smells and bad plumbing and it is easy to see why the mood in the home would become a lot more negative. That is why it is important to call us if your drains are not working well. We can help to clear the pipes and the air in the home and improve the health of everyone there. Plus clean, clear drains can save you money. This can definitely improve the mood in your home.

Ideally you should not wait until your drains are clogged to call us. We can come to your home a few times a year to clean your drains and address any potential problems. Doing so can definitely help to keep the mood in your home positive.

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Make Your Home Stress-Free!

How can water heaters decrease your stress at home?

Charlotte Tankless Water Heater Have you dreamed about saving money on your utility bill and never having to worry about running out of hot water? The reality of this dream may not be as much as a fantasy as it seems. Your answer could be as simple as a tankless water heater, which is used to heat water on the spot rather than storing it for a period of time until it’s used. This serves several benefits.

How Do They Save Your Family Energy?

It takes a lot more energy to store something at a certain temperature instead of directly heating it there, and this rule pertains to water. Water heaters with tanks have to hold hot water at a certain temperature at all times when it is not in use, constantly running up your energy bill. Water heaters that don’t use a tank only use energy when you use hot water, where they directly heat up the water as it’s called for use. This completely cuts out the storage need, saving energy. In turn, you save money on your utility bills, which can be up to 40 percent of your electricity cost.

Endless Hot Water

The thing with water heaters that use tanks is that they only have a limited supply of hot water. Once it’s used, they take awhile to refill and heat water back up. This can lead to stress and frustration within your household as nobody wants to have to wait to shower or cook. Tankless water heaters can continually produce hot water without ever running out because they produce it on the spot. Your family will never run out of hot water again.

Flooding Risk

One of the biggest risks that water heaters have is their potential to flood a home, and while it doesn’t happen often it can cause major issues if it does. Water heaters that don’t use tanks don’t store the water, and so if something breaks or there is a breakage you won’t have to worry about your home being filled with water. There is absolutely no risk of flooding. That is something that should give you peace of mind!

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Reduce Your Monthly Bills Today!

Learn How You Can Reduce Your Monthly Bills and Get Back Some Of Your Money!

Charlotte Bathroom Remodeling Bathroom remodeling can help to improve a person’s home and make life less stressful. A remodeling project such as this can add value to a home and make it appear new once again. As time goes by, many homeowners want a change in their surroundings. It can be very expensive to sell a home and move so remodeling can be a cost effective approach to having new items in the home.

Bathroom remodeling can help to completely renovate the room so that it looks more appealing and so that the modern conveniences that the home’s inhabitants lack can be installed. One great feature that many people add during this process is double sinks.

This allows two people to use the sink at the same time. It can help to reduce stress as people are not fighting over the sink when they are in a rush to get ready in the morning. Replacing a tub with a stand in shower with glass doors can really elevate a bathroom and make it feel less claustrophobic.

Homeowners need to live in a space that does not make their mind feel chaotic. Many bathrooms are outdated and have issues with cracked tiles, mold and chipped paint. Updating the entire look can help to increase the home’s value if there is an intention to sell the home down the road is there. Buyers prefer home with renovated rooms that look sleek and modern. This updating can be a great selling point with potential buyers and can yield a decent rate of return upon sale.

Life can be very stressful. When people come home, they just want to relax. A bathroom remodeling process can take a few months but it is well worth the investment of time and money. Once the project is completed, people will feel happier about where they live and what they have accomplished.

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How Does a Water Softener Work?

The Dynamics of Water Softeners

Charlotte Water Softeners“Hard” water is a term that describes water that has a large amount of dissolved minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. Hard water creates mineral build-up, which increases water and detergent usage, and can also clog pipes. A water softener is a filter that uses plastic beads to remove calcium and magnesium from hard water. The water softener cleans itself by a ‘regeneration’ process. It consists of three parts, namely, the mineral tank, a brine tank, and a control valve.

The water is softened in the mineral tank, where the calcium and magnesium are filtered through beads that are usually made of plastic. The calcium and magnesium have a positive electric charge. The two minerals are removed from the water as they are attracted to, and deposited on, the negatively charged plastic beads.

The brine tank is made of plastic and contains water that is saturated with salt. Some of the salt may enter the drinking water, and create problems for those on a low sodium diet. Septic systems may also be adversely affected by the sodium brine. Instead of salt, it is thought that using potassium is a superior alternative. Potassium does not adversely affect one’s health, septic systems, or watersheds, and it is also environmentally friendly.

The control valve determines when it is time to clean the beads. Older models use a timer, the newer ones use a meter that is controlled by a computer, and determines when it is time to clean the tank based on water usage. The cleaning process (regeneration) is comprised of three cycles.

The backwash cycle has a valve that reverses the flow of tank water, flushes out tank debris, and eliminates it through the drain. Next, the mineral tank is filled with the brine solution during a recharge cycle. The solution attracts and forces the calcium and magnesium off of the plastic beads. The minerals and salt water are flushed from the tank, and sent down the drain. Lastly, water fills and rinses the tank. The process is repeated when the plastic beads become coated again.

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How Long Does a Bathroom Repipe Take?

How Much Time Does It Take To Repipe A Bathroom?


RepipingRemodeling a bathroom often means reworking the existing plumbing. If any new fixtures are added, then repiping may be necessary. However, the timeframe for any repiping is based on the amount work that is needed and many other factors. Review the aspects that are common when repiping a bathroom.


The demolition of the bathroom is the first step before any repiping can take place. This can take a day or more based on the time available for the work. One thing to keep in mind is the work may involve a full take down to only replacing a few fixtures. Demolition generally involves removing the drywall to access all the plumbing that needs to be repiped.


Copper is the most common type of material used for water lines in a bathroom The drains for the sink and tub will generally be PVC. However, older bathroom may have water lines that are galvanized and should be replaced with newer materials. One newer option is to replace existing water lines with PEX tubing. This is a flexible material that can be installed by a plumber in a few hours.


The installation of new water lines in a bathroom often involves the use of brass valves for a sink with a metal shut off valve for the toilet. Teflon tape is used to seal all the joints. The process of adding new valves is not difficult and can be done by an experienced plumber in under an hour.

Bathtubs and Showers

A new bathroom or shower is often added when a bathroom is remodeled. This is a process which may take a few hours to complete due to the steps that are necessary. If a customer installation is needed for an updated bathroom, then there is a liner and drain connection that is needed. Another option that can be installed is a tub and surround. This can often be done in less than two hours.


The toilet in a bathroom is one of the last fixtures that will be installed. This is also an easy item for an experienced plumber to install. A toilet and all connections can be done in about one-half an hour.

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