The Secret to Clean Drains

Drain Clog Prevention



Drain CleaningWhy Does a Drain Clog?

Commonly, there are multiple drains inside a household; in the kitchen, bathroom and even in or outside the garage for clothes and car wash purposes. It is an undeniable fact that drains are very dear for as long as they smoothly keep on flushing water outside. As soon as they get clogged, water gets stagnated, that is when the trouble starts. Water is not the only thing that goes down a drain. If talking about kitchen, grease is often to be blamed to have had clogged the drain. Also, small particles of food play their part in chocking a drain in kitchen. When this occurs, you may be in need of Drain Cleaning services.

As for bathroom, human hair is the biggest contributors for causing water drain blockage. An even worse culprit is the mixture of human hair and soap that absolutely jam packs the drain from the inside. Sometimes, items like smaller jewelry items fall into the drain or a child toy perhaps, and cause serious damage and blockage in the pipes. It is a false perception that any clog in the drainage system can be removed with the use of a plunger. Powerful and highly acidic agents used against clogs of unknown cause can really corrode the drainage pipes from the inside.

How to Keep Clogs from Happening?

Charlotte PlumberDrainage pipes are more complex in nature than what is perceived mostly. It is advised not to try and wrestle with a clogged drainage pipe since it can increase the problem making it more structure related. It is obvious that the tools and state of the art equipment meant specifically for opening of clogged drainage pipes are available with the professional drainage service providers. They are quiet expensive if bought the whole set, and of course it is impractical for a common household to buy them all.

Sometimes the trouble is deeper inside than it seems. Reaching out to it and removing it is next to impossible for a person. Good drainage clearing service providers bear with them an endoscopic device to see inside the drain what and where is causing the blockage. Service providers are equipped with the adequate knowledge from unscrewing the drainage cover right through the end to screw it back again. It is altogether wrong to say that clearing a clog by oneself saves money, it by no means does and takes awfully lot time as compared with simply hiring a professionals for the purpose.

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Must Read in Order to Save Money on Water Bill!

What Consumes the Most Water in My House? 


Charlotte PlumberIs your water consumption bill too high? Are your toilet and washing machine older models? Do you like your water chilled but use the faucet to get drinking water? Do you wash your dishes in the sink or do you put dishes with baked on food directly into your dish washer? Does your family prefer showers over baths? If you answered yes to more than one question, part or all of the reasons for your high water bills lies in that issue.

What Consumes the Most Water?

Older toilets use up to seven gallons per flush. Replacing your older toilet with a new water conserving toilet could reduce your water consumption to as little as 2.4 gallons on a dual flush toilet with 1.6 gallons on the main flush and .8 gallons on the following flush.

The water conserving toilet and the older toilet are both gravity fed toilets that depend on gravity to push the water down when flushing. The pressure assisted toilet uses compressed air to assist with the flush resulting in the use of even less water.

A pressure assisted toilet uses 1.1 to 1.4 gallons per flush. Most families of four flush the toilet at least two times per household member each day, that’s 28 flushes per week, 120 flushes per month and 720 gallons water per month used for an older inefficient toilet. However, that’s only 1.4 times 120 flushes or 168 gallons using a pressure assisted toilet.

Older washers used 30 to 47 gallons of water with each load. Todays efficient front-load washers use 11-32 gallons of water. In addition these more efficient models use 40-60% less operating energy.

When you’re thirsty, do you run the faucet until the water runs cold? If you do, that could be another source for your high water bills. Instead of running the water until it feels cold, keep a glass carafe in the refrigerator filled with water at all times. When you’re thirsty it will be chilled and ready to drink and you only need to run the faucet long enough to fill the carafe.

When washing your dishes only fill the sink when you have served a multi-course meal to several people. Otherwise fill a bowl with hot soapy water and wash your dishes. If you prefer to use a dishwasher, rinse your dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. This will insure your dishes get clean with one short cycle instead of extra long cycles or repeated washings.

What Should I Do?

Water ConsumptionFinally, take baths often to cut down of the number of showers you and your family takes. A ten minute shower can use up to 100 gallons, while a bath uses only 30-40 gallons. Save water and take a bath. It’s more relaxing and it’s good to soak every now and then to loosen rough skin.

If saving water is your goal, you can conserve water by updating your appliances with water conserving models. Reduce your water consumption even more by running water from your faucet less when accessing drinking water and washing dishes.

While it’s important to get ready fast, try a less water consuming bath over the water guzzling shower.

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Preventive Maintenance Saves Money!

How Does Preventive Maintenance Ultimately Save Me Money? 


Charlotte PlumberPreventive maintenance can be described as the art of maintaining an equipment or a system, even before it gets faulty. This is mainly done with the sole aim that possibility of that equipment failing is minimized. It is performed while the system or equipment is still running perfect so that the risk of it failing is eliminated. What’s the relevance of this technique?


Unplanned maintenance can prove to be expensive because losses occur at a time when no one is aware or ready to counter their effect. This is where the essence of saving money comes in. With preventive maintenance, you are able to secure your system from unexpected breakdown thereby maintaining flow of work.

Unwanted delays are also eliminated and for this reason, you are able to reap the benefits of a seamlessly working system. This means no extra spending will be needed to make some urgent repairs that may in this case turn out too heavy for any business to absorb. It is always important to plan ahead because failure to plan translates to losses and retrogression in some cases. This is definitely what preventive maintenance does.

No need of Condition Based Maintenance

In condition based maintenance, unlike preventive maintenance, there are no pre-defined plans to perform maintenance but it relies on the state of the asset at that particular time to decide what steps need to be embraced to correct any flaws. This can turn out costly if compared to predictive maintenance.

Predictive Analysis

It is advisable to use predictive analysis that can help to counter the possibility of some things happening. Essentially, predictive maintenance is aimed at minimizing unplanned spending, an act that encourages saving.

Costs incurred in unplanned maintenance include loss of production, purchase of parts that are needed and loss of time, which is among the most precious and delicate assets in any business. Therefore, embracing predictive maintenance is synonymous to steering a business to higher heights.

Preventive Maintenance However, for preventive maintenance to work, one needs to have some time to lay down the plan that will offer guidelines on how to execute maintenance. This consumption on time can sometimes be counted among the issues that make preventive maintenance challenging.

Generally, every business person or individual should embrace preventive maintenance because it offers the best way to ensure everything runs smoothly, and to prevent unnecessary snarl-ups that may turn out costly than expected.

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Attend That Leak! Don’t Wait!

What are the Precautions to Take When Discovering a Leak in My Home?


Charlotte PlumberRegardless the size of a leak that you detect in your home, it is important that you find the source and make the repair immediately. While you may only see a small drip in one location of the house, it could be leaking from further away and simply spreading behind enclosed areas more rapidly. Rather than wait for a ceiling or wall to collapse around you, the time to make the necessary repairs is the minute to identify the leak. We can help with our plumbing services.

Why is it Important to Fix a Leak Issue?

Depending where the leak is coming from, it could be a much more significant issue than you are aware of. The leak might appear small where you find it, but if a pipe has broken several feet behind the wall, it could appear the only be dripping in one location while it is soaking the insulation and sheet rock in another. To prevent damage from spreading, the leak needs to be located and repaired immediately. That way no further damage to areas that you can not see will occur.

Can a Leak Cause Damage if Ignored?

The simple answer to this question is an astounding yes. The leak could have already saturated a wall or insulation, and now the excess water is what you see as a leak. The longer the water is allowed to accumulate in that location, the more damage it will cause.

During warm seasons, that free standing water is going to lead to the growth of mold that you might not see until it is too late. Each day this issue is allowed to commence, that black mold is growing and causing a significant health risk to anyone inside the house. Family members with respiratory issues are at added risk from exposure to black mold.

Should I Call a Professional Plumber?

Leak DetectionThe leak is often much harder to locate than first thought. Water will continue to travel to the lowest point, meaning it could be dripping from a pipe in the ceiling and simply traveling the outside of a pipe to the location behind the walls where you found it.

Your local plumbing company have the tools and experience to quickly determine where that source of the leak is coming from. Once they have locating the problem, they can quickly make the repair and eliminate that leaking section of pipe. The plumbing company will then inspect the system with pressurized tools to confirm the leak has been repaired.

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This Might Be The Best Decision to Make as a Homeowner

Do I Need Plumbing Repiping?


Charlotte PlumberHow does a homeowner know when it is time to re-pipe a home? There are some signs that point to the need for a call to a plumber to re-plumb. When the plumbing fails, it is important to get it fixed. Faulty plumbing can cause many other problems including mold, water damage and structural failure. Here are some of the signs that point to plumbing needing immediate attention by a plumbing professional.

Drastic Water Pressure Change

A drastic drop in water pressure indicates a major plumbing problem. Small holes or breaks in water pipes will cause a noticeable drop in pressure. Low water pressure is a sign that a plumbing professional should check out the problem. In some cases, just replacing the effected pipe is enough to fix the problem. Other times it signals it is time to re-pipe the plumbing.

Brown or Red Color

If your water is any color but clear, there is a problem in your water pipes. Brown or red tinted water indicate rust from corrosion is likely in your pipes. While it may not be a healthy hazard, it does make water taste bad and stain clothing and appliances. Have a professional plumber check to see where the discoloration is coming from; they will know just where to look and just how to fix it.

Noticeable Water Damage

RepipingWater leakage causes tell tale problems where the pipes run. Most water pipes run in the basement or in the crawl space of your home. A leak in a water pipe will cause damage such as mold, appliance damage and structural damage. Noticing water damage is a signal for a call to a plumber to inspect and correct the problem.

Re-piping the Plumbing

To replace the plumbing in your home takes a professional who has the tools and knowledge to re-pipe a home. If your home is on a slab, a professional plumber will replace the plumbing with little or no structural damage. A professional plumbing company will target problem areas and fix the plumbing including re-piping.

Any of the above problems require a consult with a professional plumber. Water damage happens quickly, do not put it off hoping it will fix itself or just go away. The time it will take to re-pipe a home depends on the size of the job. A small one bath home will take less time than a large 2 or more bath home.

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Need Your Kitchen Remodeled? We Can Help!

Why Do I need a Plumber to Remodel My Kitchen?

Kitchen RemodelingPlumbers are sometimes underrated as an asset to the kitchen remodeling process. For those that want their kitchen to look new and fresh, with modern appliances and updated plumbing fixtures, you will need a plumber. It’s understandable that remodeling a kitchen is stressful and costly, but without getting a plumber to do the work necessary in your remodeling, you may end up with plumbing problems. You need to work with your contractor to make sure that they hire a plumber that knows what they are doing, and can help to complete the remodeling process in your kitchen, by installing everything plumbing related correctly.

Why Do I Need A Plumber For This Job?

You wouldn’t get a landscaper to fix your roof, would you? Would you hire a cook to do your house cleaning? If you’re smart, you would want someone to do a job that they specialize in and are qualified for. You can’t hire a contractor and expect that your sink, dishwasher, and faucets will be installed without problems; for this, you need a plumber. Your contractor will make your kitchen look beautiful, a plumber will make sure that your new fixtures, and plumbing related appliances, will function properly.

Don’t think that because you have the best contractor, or maybe because you have some experience, yourself, in hooking up some plumbing, that you can help to finish the process of kitchen remodeling. Kitchen appliances are updated constantly, so even if you installed or helped to hook up your own dishwasher 5 or even 10 years ago, don’t expect that you can still efficiently install a dishwasher that was made recently. Plumbers stay up to date with the latest appliances and can efficiently install them to work correctly with your plumbing.

Charlotte PlumberWhat Are The Benefits?

Just to know that your kitchen is fully remodeled, and that all your appliances, sinks, and faucets, work correctly, is easing to the mind. The best benefit of a having plumber, is the piece of mind you get. You can relax knowing that all your worries about your plumbing needs in your kitchen, are taken care of.

It’s the best decision to involve a plumber in your kitchen remodeling from the start, so that you can get complete the process quicker, and be confident that it’s being done correctly. Even though it may be a long and hard process to get to that “dream kitchen”, you’ll be so happy when it’s finished, and every installed appliance, works great!

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Is Your Water Really Supposed to Look That Way?

Discolored Water: Causes, Fixes & Prevention


Discolored WaterUnfortunately, there are times when a homeowner will turn on their faucet and they will see discolored water coming out of it. At first, a person may feel a little bit scared. They may wonder if the water that is coming out is dangerous to their health. A person does not want to panic. However, they are going to want to call a professional plumber so that the problem can be diagnosed and then fixed.

What Are the Causes?

There are several different things that a plumber is going to look at when they are figuring out what is causing the water in the home to become discolored. The first place that we are going to look at is the water heater. If the water heater is not regularly maintained, different devices inside of it can begin to corrode. Or, the tank can become rusty. This is usually the culprit that is causing the discolored water. Something else that we will check for are buildups in the pipes, since this is another common cause of discolored water.

How Can It Be Fixed?

Plumbing ServicesFor the most part, this is a pretty simple problem for a professional plumber to fix. One of the easiest ways for us to determine if the problem is the water heater is to see if the water is discolored when only cold water runs through the pipes. If the cold water is clear, it is likely that the hot water heater is causing the problem. We will take a close look at the hot water heater and then go about fixing problems with it. If it is determined that mineral buildup is the cause of the discolored water, we will use the tools that we have at our disposal to take care of the problem.

How Do I Prevent It?

Once the problem has been diagnosed, we will be able to let you know how to go about preventing discolored water. If the hot water heater is the problem, homeowners will need to have it regularly maintained. If the water heater is over 10 or 15 years old, it may be a good idea to get rid of it and replace it with a new one. If mineral deposits were the cause of the discolored water, we may recommend that you have a water softener installed in the home. This will prevent the buildup of any future deposits in the piping network of the home.

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The Revolutionary Drain Cleaning Technique For Your Home!

What Is Hydrojetting & What Are Its Benefits?


HydrojettingHydro-jetting is a cleaning technique plied by industrial and home cleaning workers, the method is most commonly applied to clogged sewage and water drains and pipelines. The method operates via water, more specifically by using a concentrated blast of water under very high pressure to clear away blockage and debris which can often be found in pipes and drainage areas. The normal settings for most hydro jets is around for thousand PSI and can be much higher but usually not significantly lower.

A inspection usually should take place before any serious work is done such that the problem’s source may be discovered. Tree roots are usually one of the worst feared pipeline problems but the contractor’s water jet will be able to easily cut through them. This means that one should stay far away from such areas during work. Despite the fact that it is just water it is under very high pressure and can cause serious injury. Not only can improperly used hydro jets damage other people they can also damage pipelines and other such areas of one’s home. This fact is why it is extremely important to hire a professional plumbing contractor to handle these matters personally.

Hydrojetting Grease

Grease build up is a substance which is notoriously hard to do away with, especially with household cleaning methods. However, grease build up can be effectively treated with the combination of a hydro jet and grease trap or grease interceptor. A grease trap is built below the sink and requires regular maintenance to stop overflow. Where a grease interceptor is set underneath the ground of one’s home and will hold a far larger quantity.

Hydrojetting Roots

Charlotte PlumberRoots can be stubborn and unruly, snaking around and eventually blocking or crushing pipelines and blocking drainage areas. However, with the right psi a hydro jet professional will be able to take care of small to moderate roots with ease.

Hydrojetting Debris

Things are flushed down the drain everyday, half of the time without you noticing it. Such as when you take a shower, hair, skin and nail particulates will flow down the drain. When these things culminate over time they can cause problems, mainly blockage of one’s pipes. But unlike roots or grease, these things are usually much easier to take car of with the appropriate application of a hydro jet.

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Don’t Call Another Plumber Before Reading This!

What Should I Look For When Hiring a Plumber?


Charlotte PlumberLooking for a plumber can often be a laborious task that can see a large number of companies and individuals contacted and discarded in a bid to solve a plumbing problem or to install an appliance. Following a few simple steps and guidelines that we recommend as a professional plumbing company will make the search for a high quality plumbing service simple to complete and reduce the number of options to just a few qualified and experienced individuals. The terms to look for on any Website or listing when searching for a plumber are licensed, insured and experienced, without these three main areas a plumbing service should not be employed.

A Plumber Should Always Be Licensed

Licensing is the way a state makes sure its residents know the professional they are employing is capable and educated in the tasks they are completing. Licensing requirements mean our professional plumbers have all been educated to at least the required level published by the state licensing body in any area. The requirements for licensing do not stop with the completion of initial educational standards, instead a license must be maintained over the course of the careers of our professional plumbers. By taking part in continuing education our plumbers remain up to date on the latest technologies and techniques in completing all the tasks required for residential and commercial plumbing tasks.

Experience Is The Best Option For Success

Plumbing ServicesOur plumbing company has a vast amount of experience, which we rely on to make sure we have skills to handle almost any problem or installation we are faced with. Knowing the theory of plumbing tasks is no substitute for the experience of completing a vast array of plumbing jobs on the ground. Experience means our plumbers can make the correct decisions and use their experience to be accurate and confident in the choices recommended to our customers.

Insurance Is Important For All Professionals

As a professional and experienced plumbing company we understand the need for the correct level of insurance to be in place for ourselves, our clients and our team of professional plumbers. Insurance is in place to make sure that any problems that are encountered during a task can be rectified quickly and efficiently with the extra layer of security offered by insurance coverage that allows our customers and plumbers to be confident in the successful completion of our required tasks.

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Don’t Try DIY Plumbing Projects

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Try DIY Plumbing Projects


PlumberSafety, Warranty, Saving Money in the Long Run

Many people undertaking a DIY plumbing project thinks escaping water is the worst-case scenario. Many do not realize the safety issues DIY plumbing can present. One of the most dangerous combinations plumbers encounter is the close proximity of water to electricity. The most common electrical appliances that use water include hot water heaters, dishwashers, ice-makers and washing machines. If a person is wet or standing in water and encounters electricity, a potentially deadly situation can occur. The result could lead to death. People frequently use chemicals during plumbing projects, especially for clogged drains. Chemical exposure is dangerous if people do not follow safety precautions. Serious injury may occur if people allow chemicals to touch their skin. Mixing two wrong chemicals together can cause a chemical reaction that can be fatal if inhaled.

Charlotte PlumbingWarranty
Most home and appliance warranties stipulate that only professionally licensed plumbers can work on them. When owners decide to do a repair themselves, they do not understand that it automatically cancels the warranty. In almost all circumstances, there are city, county and state building codes people are required to follow. People who do not follow the codes and obtain the necessary permits can possibly render warranties invalid. When people do not follow warranty stipulations, it releases the manufacturer of any responsibility for personal injury that might occur during repairs. In addition, appliance warranties often require the owner to have a professional plumber perform suggested maintenance to keep the warranty in tact.

Saving Money in the Long Run
Later down the road, home and business owners will save money by avoiding DIY plumbing projects. As a bonus, it will save people hours of hassle and headaches. When people tackle plumbing jobs they will have to purchase special tools along with safety equipment such as gloves, eye protection and breathing masks. Novice plumbers often get the wrong parts and fittings that require a trip back to the supply store. Plumbers generally have parts with them at a discounted price. DIY plumbers can end up making the same repairs several times. Professionals have the training to do the job right the first time. Professionals know how to minimize damage to a building if an emergency arises. People can save a lot of money tomorrow by paying a little more today by hiring a professional to complete plumbing projects.

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