What are the benefits of a summer drain cleaning?

Preventative Drain Cleaning


Drain CleaningAll of us remember the old saying that spring is the time to clean. Lets start a new saying that summer is drain cleaning time. One benefit of thinking ahead before the stoppage or breakage occurs, might be just the obvious one of saving money, but there are other reasons to plan ahead.

Think of summer as the beginning of growth, the trees, plants and grass begin to increase their growth rate. This increases and expands the growth of their roots, which reach inside and around outside pipe lines. These nasty roots put pressure on the existing pipes and the main line. This pressure can make small cracks, that weaken and will ultimately break the pipes. We all know what happens after a main line breaks, call the plumber! and see lots of dollars flowing from our hand to his hand. So cleaning out the lines in the every summer would be the best and most cost effective solution. Plus, summer the sun is out and snow is not falling. Your plumber will appreciate that.

Clean out the bathroom drains before it gets clogged with hair. You do not want to be taking a shower and feel the water slowly creeping up to your ankles and say to yourself, “I should have called the plumber when I noticed the water was draining slowly.” If you clean before the clog, then you would not have run to the store to buy those costly drain cleaning gels that our dangerous and put toxins into our environment. I have never had much luck keeping my drains clean and unclogged for a long period of time using store bought methods.

So call your professional plumber to have a summer clean out. Life will be less stressful, your pipes will be clean and smell fresh. Your time is valuable! so don’t waste it on coming home to a plumbing problem, that could have been fixed with the benefit of a summer drain clean.

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