What are the benefits of having a garbage disposal?

Reasons to Get a Garbage Disposal Unit for Your Home


Garbage DisposalConsidering investing in a garbage disposal unit for your kitchen sink? There are many reasons why this is a smart move. By eliminating much of the bagged-food waste in your home, garbage disposals cut down on odors, insects, and other pests. They are inexpensive to operate, long-lasting, and even beneficial for the environment.

A garbage disposal works by shredding and grinding food waste, combining the resulting particles with water, and sending the mixture through your plumbing. There is a misconception that a disposal has blades and operates like a blender, but in fact it is more like a cheese grater, relying on the centrifugal force created by a spinning turntable to press food against a stationary shredder. The small size of the resulting food particles allow the mixture to flow safely through your pipes and into either sewer systems or septic tanks. Some units are designed specifically for use with septic systems; these units add a solution containing microorganisms into the grinding process to help food break down more quickly.

One of the clear environmental advantages of garbage disposal systems is that they keep food waste out of landfills, where it would contribute to the production of greenhouse gases. With a disposal, food waste will either break down naturally in a septic tank or enter the municipal water treatment system, where it can eventually be converted into renewable energy and fertilizer. Another key advantage of garbage disposals is that they are energy efficient. While there are a range of models and sizes to fit the needs of different households, all disposal systems use minimal amounts of water, approximately one gallon per person per day, and minimal electricity, costing only pennies to operate per year.

Garbage disposal systems are designed for safety and longevity. When properly installed and operated, they can last ten years or more. When you add the benefits of convenience, improved kitchen hygiene, and reduction of landfill waste, garbage disposals make an excellent investment.

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