5 Water Heater Maintenance Tips to Lower Your Energy Bill

Learn How Water Heater Maintenance Can Help You Save Money


Water Heater MaintenanceRegardless of who we are we all want to do our best in order to reduce the amount of energy that we are using in the home. We realize that the more energy that we use in the home, the more of damage that we are doing to the environment. One of the biggest energy users in the house is the hot water heater. There are five things that a person can do in order to reduce the amount of energy that their water heater uses.

1. The first thing that we can do in order to reduce the water heater’s energy is to insulate the water heater. Many people do not realize that by insulating their water heater, their water is able to stay warmer over a longer period of time and since that is the case, there is a lot less energy that is needed to reheat the water.

2. Getting a new water heater is the next thing that needs to be done in order to conserve energy. Many people do not like to have to get new things when it comes to the home, but in reality many homes are not using the appropriate water heater for their needs. If it is a home that has many people living in it they need to get a water heater that is the correct size for the amount of people using it, and that also is the correct type. By getting the correct water heater for a home, a person can avoid overusing their water heater and they can get the correct heater for their families needs.

Water Heater3. Adjust the water temperature. Many people may have their water heater temperature setting all the way up to hundred and 120° that is generally a lot hotter than a family may need. By just adjusting the water heater to 100° a family is able to reduce the amount of energy that they are using on the water heater.

4. The next thing that is good to do is to get an upgraded water heater. Many people just use the heater that is already in their home, but it may be a good idea to get a new type of water heater. Some people use electric water heaters, but tankless units are quite often a better option. They generate heat when it is on demand instead of having the heated water stored, as happens with an electric water heaters.

5. Maintenance is the best way to keep up with the water heater. When a family maintains the water heater it means that it is working to its full capacity and in that way it is using a lot less energy. Regular maintenance is the best way to keep the water heater working and a family should make sure to get their water heater inspected once every year.

Even though the water heater is just one thing that uses energy in the house, by making small adjustments to the use of a water heater a family is sure to lower the amount of energy that they are wasting and in turn they are doing something good for themselves and the environment.

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